Why De De Pyaar De is a Clean Hit at the Box Office ?


Off late i have received a large number of messages on my twitter DM asking me why i am supporting De De Pyaar De or why De De Pyaar De is a hit.

But Before going there let’s try to understand the definition or formula used to calculate a Hit or a Flop Movie.

What Makes a Film Blockbuster, Superhit, Hit or Flop at the Indian Box Office ?

A Tashkent files which goes onto collect less than 20 crores is a super hit but while a Race 3 which goes onto collect in excess of 150 crore is a flop at the box office. These are normal queries in mind of a normal fan or a movie lover.

Today We will try to answer this and then move onto tell you why De De Pyaar De is a Hit.

Before getting there Let’s Understand a Few Definitions:

  1. Producer : A Person who creates and packages the film and responsible to hire director, actor writers and all the cast and crew of the movie is called producer of the movie.
  2. Distributor: Once the film is ready it needs to reach the theaters and an individual producer might or might not have this capability in house. So he will partner with a corporate house or an individual distributor so that his film can get maximum screens and shows.
  3. Sub Distributors: Once the Distributor acquires the rights of a particular movie then he might distribute this movie at an all India Level or again hire sub distributors who have strong reach in a particular territory. It’s like a Political Maha Gatbandhan.
  4. Exhibitors: The Cinemas chains or individual cinemas which screen the movie.

Let’s Take De De Pyaar De As a Case Study Now to Under Stand various commercial elements involved at each step.

  • Luv films and T-Series invests Rs. 60 Crore to Produce the Movie.
  • Then they find AA films to distribute the film in India and Yash Raj Films for Overseas distribution. We will talk about Domestic collections only to do the calculations.
  • AA Films then further invests 15 crore to market the movie bringing the overall distribution cost of recovery to 45 crores.
  • Now Total Cost of De De Pyaar De has gone upto 75 Cr which is 60 Production + 15 Promotions.
  • Income from other sources like overseas distribution, music , satellite and digital ensures that producers make a profit before the film hits the theaters.
  • Now distributors, sub distributors and exhibitors have to fight their battles to recover their invested money.

Let’s look at the macro view, Distributor AA Films have invested 45 crores to acquire and promote the movie and if they have to recover this amount the film has to do 90 crores of business at the box office which will ensure that film has recovered money and if it touched 95 crores then it will give the film a clean hit status at the box office.

Now a Distributor share in general over the weeks looks like this. But this is a model share and it changes from film to film.

Week 1Week 2Week 3Thereafter
Single Screens70-90%70-90%70-90%70-90%


Note: This is a Model share and not true for every film. There are cases when single screens pay a lump sum price for a movie and then this matrix is not followed. But that generally happens for very safe films in the right genre.

The above chart means that the distributor earns 50% of the collections in week 1 after deducting the taxes. The gross amount is total amount collected at the ticket counter including taxes and once you remove tax it become Nett Amount.

So even if a film collects 200 crore it does not mean that it will be a hit at the box office. It Depends on the economics of the movie.

Now till today film has already crossed 86 Crores at the box office and it has every chance to touch 95 crores to cross 95 before Bharat arrives. Even after Bharat arrives due to the above profit matrix it’s a favorable movie for multiplexes since they have to pay lower distributor share, so even after Bharat releases this film will go on and easily cross 100 crore in it’s Lifetime.

Which means distributor share will be in excess of 50 crores and hence now there is no chance that De De Pyaar De Can be called a flop.

Producers have already made their money and by Sunday Distributors will recover their investment. Any collections after that will be an added advantage for the film.


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