War Official Teaser Featuring Hrithik Roshan Vs Tiger Shroff

Yash Raj Films dropped official Teaser of War today and Internet just went into a frenzy.


War Official Teaser: The Next Big Ticket Film got announced today which stars Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff and Internet is into bits and pieces after watching the teaser.

To those who have missed out the Teaser. Let’s watch it first and then get into it’s analysis.

The Teaser has been watched almost 2.7 Million times on You Tube with 294 K Likes and just 5300 Dislike. The Like Ratio on the teaser is a Fantastic 11% and a mere 0.2% dislike Ratio.

The Teaser marks return of Hrithik Roshan to His Forte a Big Ticket action film and this time he is paired with Tiger Shroff and Together they are looking at expanding the box office boundaries. Audience is hungry to see them in this type of a Film and the craze can be seen from the online reactions.

The Teaser just focuses on Two things i.e. Style and Action and also the release date. 2nd October and this type of a teaser just marks of something big to come.

Our one word review of War Official Teaser is a Big Thumbs Up.

The teaser has been strategically released after 1st weekend on Super 30 and the film exploding box office on Sunday and Saturday.

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