War Hit Or Flop: Budget, Recovery and Prediction

War is all set to hit the theaters with a gigantic wave of tickets already sold through advance booking.


One question which everyone asks nowadays is “War Hit Or Flop“? This article will answer most of your queries and will tell you where does the movie actually stand.

We have seen with Saaho that extravagant costs can really work against a big movie and even big numbers cannot help the movie from being a flop so where does War stand. Will it be a hit or a flop, also before going through this report please check out the advance booking report of War to get a ful perspective and also the pre-release buzz of War.


War Hit Or Flop: Budget and Recovery

ParameterAmount (in Crores)
Cost of productionINR 198.00
Cost Of MarketingINR 25.00
Landing CostINR 223.00
Recovery From Music RightsINR 20.00
Recovery From Digital + Satellite RightsINR 75.00
Recover From Overseas RightsINR 15.00
Recovery From Ads and AlliancesINR 28.00
Total RecoveryINR 138.00
Total DeficitINR 85.00


Summary: although the costs are on the higher side but the film is being released by Yash Raj Films themselves and there is a recovery of 85 crores pending till now. Which means that film Will be a clean hit if it collects 190 crore Nett in India.

Anything above 240 crores the film will be a super hit and anything above 275 crores the film will be a blockbuster.

War Hit Or Flop: Prediction

Time PeriodNegative Word Of MouthAverage Word of MouthPositive Word of MouthExcellent Word of Mouth
Opening DayINR 44.00INR 45.00INR 50.00INR 55.00
Opening Weekend (5 Days)INR 118.00INR 130.00INR 160.00INR 175.00
Opening Week (9 Days)INR 144.00INR 154.00INR 190.00INR 210.00
LifetimeINR 194.00INR 210.00INR 275.00INR 340.00


At the box office, it is a a safe bet for the producers and only a very bad product can lead to numbers lower than this.


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