War 6th Day (Monday) Box Office Collection Report: Strong Hold

After registering record numbers in India and overseas War is showing signs of Good Hold at the Box office.

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War 6th Day: Film is having a fantastic time at the Worldwide Box office with Indian numbers being special as it is all fireworks at the Indian Box office.

War had a 5-day extended weekend and it started its box office journey with record advance booking numbers for the year. The economics of War is well placed despite it being a 200 crore budget film.

In its opening weekend (5 days) War has gone beyond 164 crores and today anything in double-digit will be a good hold. Tomorrow film will again get a major boost from the Dussehra Holiday which will be observed on a PAN India Level.

The film has started it’s Monday on a strong note and the occupancies are very similar to that of Friday. Night shows are expected to be much better due to a big holiday tomorrow.

War 6th Day (Monday) Box Office Collection Report: Occupancy Report

Time SlotDay 11 (Saturday)Day 10 (Friday)Day 9 (Thursday)Day 8 (Wednesday)Day 7 (Tuesday)Day 6 (Monday)Day 5 (Sunday)Day 4 (Saturday)Day 3 (Friday)Day 2 (Thursday)Day 1 (Wednesday)
Early Morning32%12%13%16%39%22%51%38%22%23%78%
Early Afternoon17%18%22%54%32%64%48%28%30%89%
Early Evening32%21%25%62%41%70%58%35%37%85%
Early Night42%15%18%45%53%51%67%48%46%70%

War 6th Day (Monday) Box Office Collection Report: Estimate

Monday Figures are early estimates and they are accurate to a +/-5% as late-night shows are still pending.

Day DateHindiTeluguTamilTotalGrowth / Drop
Day 1Wednesday, October 2, 201951.61.050.7INR 53.35N.A.
Day 2Thursday, October 3, 201923.10.850.4INR 24.35-54.36%
Day 3Friday, October 4, 201921.30.80.35INR 22.45-7.80%
Day 4Saturday, October 5, 201927.60.80.3INR 28.7027.84%
Day 5Sunday, October 6, 201936.110.3INR 37.4030.31%
Day 6Monday, October 7, 201920.60.60.3INR 21.50-42.51%
Day 7Tuesday, October 8, 2019280.60.3INR 28.9034.42%
Day 8Wednesday, October 9, 201911.20.40.25INR 11.85-59.00%
Day 9Thursday, October 10, 20199.250.350.2INR 9.80-17.30%
Day 10Friday, October 11, 20197.10.40.1INR 7.60-22.45%
Day 11Saturday, October 12, 201911.20.50.1INR 11.8055.26%
Day 12Sunday, October 13, 201913.20.550.15INR 13.9017.80%
Day 13Monday, October 14, 20194.40.30.05INR 4.75-65.83%
Day 14Tuesday, October 15, 20193.90.250.05INR 4.20-11.58%
Day 15Wednesday, October 16, 20193.350.210.04INR 3.60-14.29%
Day 16Thursday, October 17, 201930.150.04INR 3.19-11.39%
War has created history at the box office as Monday numbers are nothing short of a record. These are among the highest that Bollywood has witnessed.


Right, all the records are in Danger and a clearer picture will be available on Wednesday.  War is headed for 200 crores in its first 7 days and 220+ crores in it’s first extended week.


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