War 5th Day (Sunday) Box Office Collection Report: Gigantic

War is having a superb day at the box office today as figures will be only second best to the opening day numbers, which is a record holder of the highest single day.


War 5th Day needs to be big and it is on track as the film is performing on Insane levels right now and it will not witness a PAN India drops in night shows as well.

War on Saturday has already crossed 128 crores and today it is actually eyeing for a 160 crore+ mark. As said earlier War needs 190 crores to be a clean hit at the Box office. (We keep repeating this because we keep on getting this question daily from different mediums right from Twitter to Whatsapp).

Yesterday we went wrong with our prediction as the final tally which came out was much lower. But, today we have just reworked a few shortcomings we had yesterday and today’s figures are again gonna be huge and War is Trending towards a 37+ crore day with 28.92% growth as per the trends till now.

What is interesting on any Sunday is the night shows as night shows drop across India. But that might not be the case with War today especially in West Bengal where Durga Puja holidays are on and the effect is actually Pan India but not as much as the West Bengal Belt.

War is sure to cross 160 crores but it has every chance even to go beyond 165 crores and it that happens today then the film has every chance to cross 200 crores on Tuesday.

War 5th Day (Sunday) Box Office Collection Report: Occupancy Report

Time SlotDay 11 (Saturday)Day 10 (Friday)Day 9 (Thursday)Day 8 (Wednesday)Day 7 (Tuesday)Day 6 (Monday)Day 5 (Sunday)Day 4 (Saturday)Day 3 (Friday)Day 2 (Thursday)Day 1 (Wednesday)
Early Morning32%12%13%16%39%22%51%38%22%23%78%
Early Afternoon17%18%22%54%32%64%48%28%30%89%
Early Evening32%21%25%62%41%70%58%35%37%85%
Early Night42%15%18%45%53%51%67%48%46%70%

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