War 4th Day (Saturday) Box Office Collection Report: Excellent Growth

War is having a good time at the Indian Box office after registering solid numbers for first 3 days it has again started on a very strong note on it's first Saturday and growth is almost double that of Friday.


War 4th Day: After having a good run for the first 3 days at the Indian Box office, it has again started Saturday on a very strong note.

War crosses 100 crores in the first 3 days becoming one of the fastest films to do so. After a big opening day, the film held well on the two following weekdays and it has a very good advance booking for Saturday and Sunday especially for the evening and night shows.

The film is cruising towards 60 crores Saturday and Sunday total which will easily take it past 160 crores in 5 days. How much more can it earn than that will be clear by the end of the day today.

War 4th Day (Saturday) Box Office Collection Report:

Time SlotDay 11 (Saturday)Day 10 (Friday)Day 9 (Thursday)Day 8 (Wednesday)Day 7 (Tuesday)Day 6 (Monday)Day 5 (Sunday)Day 4 (Saturday)Day 3 (Friday)Day 2 (Thursday)Day 1 (Wednesday)
Early Morning32%12%13%16%39%22%51%38%22%23%78%
Early Afternoon17%18%22%54%32%64%48%28%30%89%
Early Evening32%21%25%62%41%70%58%35%37%85%
Early Night42%15%18%45%53%51%67%48%46%70%


War will be a clean hit at the 190 crores and film should easily collect that amount and hence the film is already a safe bet at the box office. Looking at the trends today the film is looking at a minimal growth of 60% today and it should easily cross 32 crores today at the box office looking at the early trends.

The film is facing tough competition from Joker and Syee Raa Narsimha Reddy as all the films are accepted by the audience. As a result, the release size of the film is not recorded. But the film has still managed to record highest single day collections for a Hindi movie.

If the film has to become an All-Time Blockbuster then it has to hold very well on Monday and Wednesday. As the film will anyways get a Dussera Push to take it past 200 crores. But 300 crores will depend on public acceptance and the real value of the film.

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