War 3rd Day (1st Friday) Box Office Collection Report: Very Good Hold


War 3rd Day: The film is showing a very good hold at the Indian Box Office with a marginal drop on working days and film has gone past 100 crores in 3 days flat.

The advance booking of War for Saturday and Sunday is already very good and the film is sure to have another bountiful weekend with weekend earning expected to be more than 60 crores.

According to the budget and economics of War, the film will be a clean hit at 190 crores and the same is expected within the first week itself. As the film will get the advantage of the Dussera holiday from Monday Night shows itself.

War 3rd Day Box Office Collection Report:

Day DateHindiTeluguTamilTotalGrowth / Drop
Day 1Wednesday, October 2, 201951.61.050.7INR 53.35N.A.
Day 2Thursday, October 3, 201923.10.850.4INR 24.35-54.36%
Day 3Friday, October 4, 201921.30.80.35INR 22.45-7.80%
Day 4Saturday, October 5, 201927.60.80.3INR 28.7027.84%
Day 5Sunday, October 6, 201936.110.3INR 37.4030.31%
Day 6Monday, October 7, 201920.60.60.3INR 21.50-42.51%
Day 7Tuesday, October 8, 2019280.60.3INR 28.9034.42%
Day 8Wednesday, October 9, 201911.20.40.25INR 11.85-59.00%
Day 9Thursday, October 10, 20199.250.350.2INR 9.80-17.30%
Day 10Friday, October 11, 20197.10.40.1INR 7.60-22.45%
Day 11Saturday, October 12, 201911.20.50.1INR 11.8055.26%
Day 12Sunday, October 13, 201913.20.550.15INR 13.9017.80%
Day 13Monday, October 14, 20194.40.30.05INR 4.75-65.83%
Day 14Tuesday, October 15, 20193.90.250.05INR 4.20-11.58%
Day 15Wednesday, October 16, 20193.350.210.04INR 3.60-14.29%
Day 16Thursday, October 17, 201930.150.04INR 3.19-11.39%


Note: These are early estimates and not the final reported figures. The same will be updated as soon as the final calculations are done.

War is having a good time at the box office till now but the real worth of the movie will only be known after the Dussera Holiday is over.

The film is sure to be a safe bet at the box office but can it go and become an All-time Blockbuster is a question for which the answer can only come next week.

Having said that Both Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff have got a major plus in their career with War as the film has performed on exceptional levels till now beating box office records even without a record-breaking release size.

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