War 2nd Week Box Office Collection Report: Record Breaking

War is on a record breaking spree at the Indian Box Office as it has taken over Lifetime collection of some of the biggest films in 2 weeks flat.


War 2nd Week: It was a very risky project to start with because we have seen big action films failing at the Box Office if they have failed to impress the audience.

But Fresh from the Super Success of Super 30 Hrithik had found his box office Mojo back and the producers pumped up the movie till last possible minute to make it more attractive for the audience and then rest is the history.

War 2nd Week Box Office Collection Report:

DateTotalGrowth / Drop
Day 1Wednesday, October 2, 2019INR 53.35N.A.
Day 2Thursday, October 3, 2019INR 24.35-54.36%
Day 3Friday, October 4, 2019INR 22.45-7.80%
Day 4Saturday, October 5, 2019INR 28.7027.84%
Day 5Sunday, October 6, 2019INR 37.4030.31%
Day 6Monday, October 7, 2019INR 21.50-42.51%
Day 7Tuesday, October 8, 2019INR 28.9034.42%
Day 8Wednesday, October 9, 2019INR 11.90-58.82%
Day 9Thursday, October 10, 2019INR 9.80-17.65%
Day 10Friday, October 11, 2019INR 7.60-22.45%
Day 11Saturday, October 12, 2019INR 11.8055.26%
Day 12Sunday, October 13, 2019INR 13.9017.80%
Day 13Monday, October 14, 2019INR 4.75-65.83%
Day 14Tuesday, October 15, 2019INR 4.20-11.58%
Day 15Wednesday, October 16, 2019INR 3.60-14.29%
Day 16Thursday, October 17, 2019INR 3.702.78%
Day 17Friday, October 18, 2019INR 3.05-17.57%
Day 18Saturday, October 19, 2019INR 4.7054.10%
Day 19Sunday, October 20, 2019INR 6.0027.66%
Day 20Monday, October 21, 2019INR 2.25-62.50%
Day 21Tuesday, October 22, 2019INR 1.95-13.33%
Day 22Wednesday, October 23, 2019INR 1.80-7.69%
Day 23Thursday, October 24, 2019INR 1.60-11.11%
Day 24Friday, October 25, 2019INR 0.38-76.25%
Day 25Saturday, October 26, 2019INR 0.6981.58%
Day 26Sunday, October 27, 2019INR 0.735.80%
Day 27Monday, October 28, 2019INR 1.1456.16%
Day 28Tuesday, October 29, 2019INR 0.98-14.04%
Day 29Wednesday, October 30, 2019INR 0.78-20.41%
Day 30Thursday, October 31, 2019INR 0.62-20.51%
Day 31Friday, November 1, 2019INR 0.19-70.00%
Day 32Saturday, November 2, 2019INR 0.3380.00%
Day 33Sunday, November 3, 2019INR 0.3915.00%
Day 34Monday, November 4, 2019INR 0.19-50.00%
Day 35Tuesday, November 5, 2019INR 0.17-10.00%
Day 36Wednesday, November 6, 2019INR 0.16-10.00%
TotalINR 316.00
War has overtaken lifetime collections of Dhoom 3 in just 2 weeks by the time it will finish its 3rd weekend it would overtake Sultan and also cross 300 crores by a big margin.
Right now War is trending for a lifetime finish of around 320 crores at the Box Office but if in the coming days any films which find rejection will directly help War in increasing its lifetime collections.


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