War 1st Week Collection Report with Lifetime Prediction

War has performed on an extraordinary level till now and there are still speculations that whether the film will be able to manage a 300 crore club. Let's set the record straight.


War 1st week collection report has been nothing short of extraordinary with records going for a toss Left, Right and Centre. But speculations are something which keeps the kitchen’s running.

So before we get into the details let’s see the records which War has already broken in the first week of its release.

  1. War has managed to surpass the earlier record-holders like Sultan, Tiger Zinda hai, Dangal and Sanju for the first week collections.
  2. On its first-day film smashed all the records and recorded the highest opening day for any film in Hindi ever.
  3. War is the highest grosser ever released on Gandhi Jayanti, Navratri or October already.
  4. Individually for Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Yash Raj Films and the Director Siddharth Anand this is not only gonna be the highest grosser but has also managed to smash all opening records.
  5. It is slated to be the highest grosser of the films released in 2019 by a margin.
  6. It also the highest grosser overseas between all the 2019 films with already USD 9 million gross collections.

All this is managed on a release size of just above 4000 screens while all the other movies in the list had a wider release with more than 5000 screens and much lesser competition.

War Collections Till Now:

DateTotalGrowth / Drop
Day 1Wednesday, October 2, 2019₹ 53.35N.A.
Day 2Thursday, October 3, 2019₹ 24.35-54.36%
Day 3Friday, October 4, 2019₹ 22.45-7.80%
Day 4Saturday, October 5, 2019₹ 28.7027.84%
Day 5Sunday, October 6, 2019₹ 37.4030.31%
Day 6Monday, October 7, 2019₹ 21.50-42.51%
Day 7Tuesday, October 8, 2019₹ 28.9034.42%
Day 8Wednesday, October 9, 2019₹ 11.90-58.82%
Day 9Thursday, October 10, 2019₹ 9.80-17.65%
Day 10Friday, October 11, 2019₹ 7.60-22.45%
Day 11Saturday, October 12, 2019₹ 11.8055.26%
Day 12Sunday, October 13, 2019₹ 13.9017.80%
Day 13Monday, October 14, 2019₹ 4.75-65.83%
Day 14Tuesday, October 15, 2019₹ 4.20-11.58%
Day 15Wednesday, October 16, 2019₹ 3.60-14.29%
Day 16Thursday, October 17, 2019₹ 3.702.78%
Day 17Friday, October 18, 2019₹ 3.05-17.57%
Day 18Saturday, October 19, 2019₹ 4.7054.10%
Day 19Sunday, October 20, 2019₹ 6.0027.66%
Day 20Monday, October 21, 2019₹ 2.25-62.50%
Day 21Tuesday, October 22, 2019₹ 1.95-13.33%
Day 22Wednesday, October 23, 2019₹ 1.80-7.69%
Day 23Thursday, October 24, 2019₹ 1.60-11.11%
Day 24Friday, October 25, 2019₹ 0.38-76.25%
Day 25Saturday, October 26, 2019₹ 0.6981.58%
Day 26Sunday, October 27, 2019₹ 0.735.80%
Day 27Monday, October 28, 2019₹ 1.1456.16%
Day 28Tuesday, October 29, 2019₹ 0.98-14.04%
Day 29Wednesday, October 30, 2019₹ 0.78-20.41%
Day 30Thursday, October 31, 2019₹ 0.62-20.51%
Day 31Friday, November 1, 2019₹ 0.41-70.00%
Day 32Saturday, November 2, 2019₹ 0.5180.00%
Day 33Sunday, November 3, 2019₹ 0.6215.00%
Day 34Monday, November 4, 2019₹ 0.21-50.00%
Day 35Tuesday, November 5, 2019₹ 0.21-10.00%
Day 36Wednesday, November 6, 2019₹ 0.19-10.00%
Day 36Thursday, November 7, 2019₹ 0.190%
Day 38-44Thursday - Friday₹ 0.76N.A.
Day 45-51Thursday - Friday₹ 0.16-79%
Day 52-58Thursday - Friday₹ 0.08-50%
Total₹ 317.91
Note*: 10th Day figures are estimates.

What Can be the Lifetime collections of War?

Now even with lower estimates War has collected over 245 crores even before the weekend has actually started. Today’s screen drop was around 47% while the collections have only slipped by around 25% which speaks a lot about the reception of the film
With the weekend approaching War will at least take a 60% jump on Saturday and at least another 20% jump on Sunday which will translate to at least 11.5 crores on Saturday and 15 crores on Sunday taking the total to 272 crores.


If the film takes any further jump then it can go beyond 280 crores even 285 crores in the second weekend itself but for now, let’s Use 272 crores for calculations.

Given the reception to The Sky is Pink it is safe to assume that War will have an open run for the entire next week with competition coming from Joker in the High-end multiplexes.

So Let’s assume a standard fall for War on Weekdays with the film will end up collecting 285 crores even at the lowest levels in its second week. With just 12.55 crores being counted from the second set of weekdays. (Again very low projections).

There will be four films releasing next week Laal Kaptaan, Junction Varanasi, Love Shots, P Se Pyaar and F Se Faraar, Kirket, Life Mein Time Nahin hai Kisie Ko, #Yaaram and Ghost. (Don’t be surprised if you have not heard about at least 3 films from this list).

There are two films which can be a real threat to War in its 3rd week i.e. Ghost and Laal Kaptaan.

So War will again face a screen loss and will run on about 1000 screens from it’s 3rd weekend which is more than enough to collect 20 crores in the third weekend and another 8 crores in the weekdays taking the 3rd week total to 28 crores and taking the lifetime total to 312 crores.

Things will get real tough for War from 25th October when Saand Ki Aankh, Housefull 4 and Made in China releases. War might have around 200 screens on a sharing basis from then. But there’s a positive side also, even if one film gets rejected on its opening day and since War will already be in its 4th week then it will get a direct advantage from the exhibitors and will capture screens from the weakest films.

War is safely trending towards 320 crore lifetime collections from here even with the lowest possible convertors put in place. Any better trending and the film will go past 350 crores in no time. Second-weekend growth numbers will be important though to achieve these targets.

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Comments on War 1st Week Collection Report with Lifetime Prediction

  • Sandeep

    Collection in 2nd week sees significant drop….almost 60% …..hope in coming weekend it can collect 12-14 on Saturday & 16-18 Crores on sunday….on coming monday & tushar it can collect 8.5-10 crores..so at d end of 2nd week War can collect 285-290 crores….in 3rd week it can collect 30-35 Crores….so total collection at d end of 3rd week could be 315-320 Crores…post 3re week there will b significant decline…it could possibly earn another 10-15 crores……so lifetime collection will be around 330-335 Crore…..