War 1st Monday (6th day) Box Office Collection Report: Excellent Trending

War is performing in an fantastic manner at the Indian box office as it collected in excess of 20 crores on it's 6th day i.e. 1st Monday.

0 658,439

War 1st Monday: There is hardly anything that can stop the box office bonanza for Yash Raj Films right now unless the Wednesday numbers cannot make it to double-digit.

It is all set to overtake lifetime total of Mission Mangal in 7 days flat and also cross 200 crores by a big margin today. Even a lower Wednesday from here guarantees a 275 crore run for the film and if film can again put up big numbers of Wednesday then each and every record of every Hindi film is in danger.

War 1st Monday (6th day) Box Office Collection Report:

Day DateHindiTeluguTamilTotalGrowth / Drop
Day 1Wednesday, October 2, 201951.61.050.7INR 53.35N.A.
Day 2Thursday, October 3, 201923.10.850.4INR 24.35-54.36%
Day 3Friday, October 4, 201921.30.80.35INR 22.45-7.80%
Day 4Saturday, October 5, 201927.60.80.3INR 28.7027.84%
Day 5Sunday, October 6, 201936.110.3INR 37.4030.31%
Day 6Monday, October 7, 201920.60.60.3INR 21.50-42.51%
Day 7Tuesday, October 8, 2019280.60.3INR 28.9034.42%
Day 8Wednesday, October 9, 201911.20.40.25INR 11.85-59.00%
Day 9Thursday, October 10, 20199.250.350.2INR 9.80-17.30%
Day 10Friday, October 11, 20197.10.40.1INR 7.60-22.45%
Day 11Saturday, October 12, 201911.20.50.1INR 11.8055.26%
Day 12Sunday, October 13, 201913.20.550.15INR 13.9017.80%
Day 13Monday, October 14, 20194.40.30.05INR 4.75-65.83%
Day 14Tuesday, October 15, 20193.90.250.05INR 4.20-11.58%
Day 15Wednesday, October 16, 20193.350.210.04INR 3.60-14.29%
Day 16Thursday, October 17, 201930.150.04INR 3.19-11.39%

War 1st Tuesday (7th Day) Box Office Report: Occupancy

Time SlotDay 11 (Saturday)Day 10 (Friday)Day 9 (Thursday)Day 8 (Wednesday)Day 7 (Tuesday)Day 6 (Monday)Day 5 (Sunday)Day 4 (Saturday)Day 3 (Friday)Day 2 (Thursday)Day 1 (Wednesday)
Early Morning32%12%13%16%39%22%51%38%22%23%78%
Early Afternoon17%18%22%54%32%64%48%28%30%89%
Early Evening32%21%25%62%41%70%58%35%37%85%
Early Night42%15%18%45%53%51%67%48%46%70%
Verdict: Film is already a clean hit at the box office now the film is moving towards a Superhit Zone and tomorrow will decide whether the film can breach the Blockbuster and All Time Blockbuster marks from here.
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