Top OTT Platforms Report: June, 2020

Everyone feels that theaters days are over and OTT platforms will make a major impact to Theatre business. But, When we analyse Data the the real Story comes out.


Top OTT Platforms Report: The perception is that OTT platforms are having a very good time due to COVID-19 but is that correct?

Let’s Look at the important definitions first, so that article becomes an easy ready and you can come back to this section in case you are lost.

  • OTT Platforms: Over the Top Platforms (Streaming Services for example Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Disney+ Hotstar, Zee4 etc.).
  • Free: Which do not charge users for their services like On Youtube you can watch most of the content for free without paying anything.
  • Freemium: a Mix of Free and Premium Content Like Disney+ Hotstar where a large free inventory is available for free and premium content with 2 tiers of subscriptions.
  • Premium: Platforms where you need a paid membership to watch any content like Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos.
  • And all figures mentioned in this report are in crores.

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Top OTT Platforms Report: June 2020

We cover a large range of platforms ranging from free to premium and the report is focussed on India as a territory. In case you are looking for a similar report or a more detailed report about OTT for any geography you can reach out to us at with a Message Subject: OTT Report Enquiry.

While the perception has been largely towards a very high growth of OTT platforms but our report and data analysis for the past 8 months give a different picture.

Before We get into Data