Top Movies At China Box Office: Daily Ranks

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China Box Office Report: 11th September, 2019

RankTitleGross(M)Cume Gross(M)Per Screen Avg.Per Ticket Avg.ShowingsAdmissionsDays
1The Legend Of Hei$1.50$17.42$17.56$4.77852753137415
2Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw$1.21$196.35$18.41$5.146577223550820
3Ne Zha$0.71$702.56$12.93$5.005513914255048
4The Bravest$0.33$244.33$16.98$5.86194155625642
5Free Solo$0.25$3.81$11.23$5.0722100489026
6Killing For the Prosecution$0.17$1.66$17.95$5.619671309546
72 Point 0$0.10$2.99$5.29$4.9518523198306
8She Lights Up The Mountain$0.09$0.28$21.45$4.904145181593
9The Longest Shot$0.06$1.04$11.24$5.205779124926
10The Bugle from Gutian$0.06$3.69$19.82$4.8727991140042


China Box Office Report: 11th September, 2019 (Converted To INR)

RankTitleGross(Mn)Gross(Crores)Total (Mn)Total (Crores)Days
1The Legend Of Hei$1.50INR 10.76$17.42INR 124.905
2Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw$1.21INR 8.68$196.35INR 1,407.8320
3Ne Zha$0.71INR 5.09$702.56INR 5,037.3648
4The Bravest$0.33INR 2.37$244.33INR 1,751.8542
5Free Solo$0.25INR 1.79$3.81INR 27.326
6Killing For the Prosecution$0.17INR 1.22$1.66INR 11.906
72 Point 0$0.10INR 0.72$2.99INR 21.446
8She Lights Up The Mountain$0.09INR 0.65$0.28INR 2.013
9The Longest Shot$0.06INR 0.43$1.04INR 7.466
10The Bugle from Gutian$0.06INR 0.43$3.69INR 26.4642

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