Top 20 Movies At the Indian Box Office: Analysed


Top 20 Movies At the Indian Box Office: I was just sitting down and wondering about the Impact of Hollywood , Tamil and Telegu Film Industry at the Indian Box Office and Why Bollywood has failed to ride the tide.

A Good Point to start was to list down the top Box Office Performances in India and categories them. n Analyzing the Top 20 Grosser in India ( All Languages ) some known facts got some data backing.

Top 20 Movies At the Indian Box Office: Category Wise Analysis

Action is right now the safest bet the Indian Box Office, however the really big grosser are either Adventure, science fiction and Well Made Dramas. The Biggest Grossers from Bollywood are some type of Drama like Sports Drama, Comedy Drama or Family Drama.

The question right now that every big producer in Bollywood Needs to ask themselves is why they are not willing to invest in what audience wants to see. For example we make half baked Superhero Movies which are filled with Dance Numbers.

How Many of us Want to See Our Superheroes Dancing on Like Tiger Shroff Did on Beat pe booty. That not only escalates the costs but does not help the screenplay.

One thing which we will find common in the top Grossers are

  1. No Reliance on Music
  2. No Item Songs and Dance Numbers
  3. Tight Screenplay
  4. Apart from Dangal all the movies in top 5 are packed with either good action or good adventure.

But still Bollywood would bring a mammoth star cast and give us a Love Story in Form of Kalank. There were days when a Film Like Zero with Shahrukh Khan would easily top the yearly chart but the audiences have changed. They don’t have either the patience nor the inclination towards romantic films.

However, Bollywood is still comfortable with the Romantic Genre with unnecessary and extravagantly shot Dance numbers. At the cost of sounding repetitive let me say it again, they increase the product budget and hamper the screenplay.

Now a Counter agreement which has been put many time on discussing these facts that why did Films Like Thugs of Hindostan Failed? Here are my Reasons specifically directed towards TOH:

  1. You Try to Copy a Theme from Some Hollywood Film, that’s Not gonna work we are living in 2019.
  2. You take the leading heroine of the film industry for Dance Numbers and want to use her like a Doll. In this you have not only increased your movie budget by a few crores but have not added any value to the film. And Just revisit the Dance numbers, more than Dance numbers they were more Like Jumping and PT steps.
  3. Screenplay: Yes Every movie has a screenplay but you cannot bore the audience at any point while trying to join some X,Y,Z Story points into A,B,C. The Story has to be linear and screenplay has to support that. Linear here does not mean a single track, but even if there are multiple tracks the scenes and shots have to be connected.
  4. Pace of the Movie: Pick Up any movie from any genre they don’t waste time. They are not making movies to express on Actor’s acting skills, rather the Actors are fitted into the story line and playing the character.
  5. Franchise: The Top Movies at the Box office are All Franchise and by the Time Avengers Endgame will finish it’s run there will be no Bollywood Movie in Top 3 In India. All Top 3 will be well made Franchise, it’s surprising to see why Franchises like Dhoom and Don are not happening.
  6. Director: It’s a fact that we don’t have caliber of S.S Rajmouli and we like to substitute the same with Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

If you notice these two directors they are both good but there’s no comparison while S.S. Rajamouli delivers a Fast Film on the Other Hand Sanjay Leela Bhansali can make grand films but he can’t deliver the same pace to the movie.

Right now Bollywood needs to find directors with visions find already existing literature in form of Superheroes or stories and make them work. Rather then trying to establish completely new characters.

We are living in an age where we advocate Everything Indian specially in Bollywood, so is it not right to give our Superheroes the Due they Deserve.

The below table indicates the bifurcation of top 20 films at Indian box office irrespective of their origin and how much they collected by Specific Genre.

Genre Sum of Nett Collections ( All Languages )
Action 1095.59
Adventure 1653.86
Biopic 342.43
Comedy 432.82
Comedy Drama 201.37
Drama 541.05
Historical Period Drama 302.15
Science Fiction 519.65
Sports Drama 687.83
Superhero 596.5
War 245.36
Grand Total 6618.61

Top 20 Movies At the Indian Box Office:

Bollywood is in serious Danger right now when it comes to Top Performers while the Top two movies i.e. Baahubali 2 and Robot 2 are coming from Down South. Dangal Right now is Third and in all Probability by the time Avengers Endgame finishes it’s run in India there will not be a single Bollywood Movie in Top 3 Movies at the Indian Box Office.

On further Analyzing the Star Power by these top 20 Movies at the Indian Box Office. Salman Khan is the Most Popular Star with 5 films, followed by Aamir Khan with 4 films, Ranveer is the third with 2 films in top 20 while all others like Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar Ranbir Kapoor, and others have 1 each.

Also 9 out of 20 top films belong to some or the other Franchise.

On 11th May, 2019: Avengers Endgame pushed Sanju to Rank 5 in all time grousers of India, just falling behind Baahubali 2, Robot 2 and Dangal.

Out of top 5 films in India, 2 top grosser belong to South while 1 belongs to Hollywood and 2 belong to Bollywood. Until a couple of years back this was ruled  by Bollywood but due to superior content being churned out by Hollywood and south, Bollywood has lost it dominance in India.

Had Avengers Endgame sustained a little well then Even Dangal would have been out of Rank 3, thanks to the limited release of Endgame which saved this.

Rank Movie Nett Collections
1 Baahubali 2 – The Conlusion INR 1,022.50
2 Robot 2 INR 519.65
3 Dangal INR 387.38
4 Avengers Endgame INR 373.81
5 Sanju INR 342.43
6 PK INR 340.80
7 Tiger Zinda Hai INR 339.16
8 Bajrangi Bhaijaan INR 320.34
9 Baahubali – The Beginning INR 311.02
10 Padmaavat INR 302.15
11 Sultan INR 300.45
12 Dhoom 3 INR 284.27
13 Uri – The Surgical Strike INR 245.36
14 Simmba INR 240.31
15 Kick INR 231.85
16 Chennai Express INR 227.13
17 Avengers – Infinity Wars INR 222.69
18 Golmaal Again INR 205.69
19 3 Idiots INR 201.37
20 Bharat INR 200.25

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