Thugs Of Hindostan – A Monster Sized Super Hit on its way


Thugs of Hindostan is the biggest film that Bollywood has ever produced. It offers novelty to audience at large which has not been seen before and the film is gonna take a monster size opening. considering its an Aamir Khan film and he has not gone wrong in his script selection for almost a decade now.

Let’s see why Blockbuster is written all over Thugs of Hindostan

Let’s Look at the Economics First

  • Cost Of Production – 300 crores
  • Marketing – 25 Crores
  • Landing Cost – 325 crores
  • Release Size – 5000 screens
  • Music Rights – 25 crores
  • Satellite Rights – 100 Crores

Thugs of Hindostan Release Period

Thugs of Hindostan is releasing on the Box office Day of Bollywood that is just after Diwali Puja. Which means that it is gonna take a historic opening with 5000 screens. As all the factors are coinciding to a mammoth total i.e. Aamir Khan and Big B together, an experience which has never been witnessed on silver screen before in terms of production and story Line and track record + Faith of public in an Aamir Khan film is at an all time high.

Thugs of Hindostan is all set to release in 5000 screens which gives opening day potential of 65 crore to the film. Please note Diwali Falls on Wednesday and Thugs of Hindostan releases on a Thursday.

Thugs of Hindostan prediction

Many people will laugh on this article for now from Audience as well as trade. But the predictions are gonna be as below considering a WOM which is expected from a Aamir Khan Movie.

  • Day 1 – 55 crore
  • Day 2 – 45 Crore ( Working Day But many people will be on leave )
  • Day 3 – 53-55 Crores
  • Day 4 – 55-60 crores
  • Extended Weekend – So Thugs of Hindostan will be the first movie to cross 200 Crore mark by its first Sunday if film is not messed up.
  • Now on next Wednesday it again gets an holiday advantage in Terms of Chatt Pooja which will not be a national level holiday but still it will give it a Boost.
  • Before the end of its first week Thugs of Hindostan will surely cross 270 Crores at the box office and it has a good chance to cross the 300 crore mark as well.

Now, Thugs of Hindostan needs to do atleast 380-400 crores in India to be a Safe bet at the box office. Which it will cross before the end of its second week.

Thugs of Hindostan will collect a minimum of 580-600 crore at the box office. Film is in a solid position to take advantage of the box office till 2 Point 0 arrives.

Though all the assumptions above are based on a Positive WOM for the movie, even if it fails at the box office it will be one of those grand failures which will end up collecting 250 crores at the box office.

To some this prediction will look like a Paid PR activity, but the potential of Indian Box Office is huge and a film which offers novelty with quality is needed to take advantage of that potential. And even if it crosses 600 crores it will be just tip of the iceberg.


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