The Lion King Wednesday (6th Day) Box office Collection Report (India): Already a Hit.

The Lion King is going from Strength to Strength at Indian Box Office.


The Lion King Wednesday (6th Day): The Lion King is on a Remarkable journey at the Indian Box Office and the trends suggest that it is gonna have at least 3 bountiful weeks at the Indian Box Office.

While it’s not fair to compare the film with Avengers Endgame but if we have to draw a comparison then The Jungle Book is a right comparison.

The Jungle Book went onto collect 188 crores at the Indian Box Office and it collected 63.11 crores at the Indian Box Office in it’s first 6 Days.

The Lion King Vs The Jungle Book (First 6 Days).

The Jungle Book The Lion King Difference
INR 10.09 INR 11.05 INR 0.96
INR 13.51 INR 19.15 INR 5.64
INR 16.87 INR 24.50 INR 7.63
INR 7.60 INR 7.75 INR 0.15
INR 7.07 INR 7.24 INR 0.17
INR 7.97 INR 6.71 -INR 1.26
INR 63.11 INR 76.40 INR 13.29


While The Lion King leads on all 5 days but the last day i.e. Wednesday is where the difference comes from. If The Lion King can outdo this downturn and go on an upward surge from here then it can challenge the Jungle Book Lifetime Collections in India.

Without a comparison The Lion King is Holding very strongly at the Indian Box Office and is all set for a Long Run. The film is facing tough competition from Bollywood films Like Super 30 and this week 2 more films Arjun Patiala and Judgmental Hai Kya will release.

The Lion King Wednesday (6th Day): Collection Report

DayDateCollectionGrowth (+/-)
Day 1Friday, July 19, 2019INR 11.06N.A.
Day 2Saturday, July 20, 2019INR 19.1573.15%
Day 3Sunday, July 21, 2019INR 25.5433.37%
Day 4Monday, July 22, 2019INR 7.90-69.07%
Day 5Tuesday, July 23, 2019INR 7.02-11.14%
Day 6Wednesday, July 24, 2019INR 6.25-10.97%
Day 7Thursday, July 25, 2019INR 5.65-9.60%
Day 8Friday, July 26, 2019INR 5.35-5.31%
Day 9Saturday, July 27, 2019INR 12.22128.41%
Day 10Sunday, July 28, 2019INR 15.1323.81%
Day 11Monday, July 29, 2019INR 3.58-76.34%
Day 12Tuesday, July 30, 2019INR 3.31-7.54%
Day 13Wednesday, July 31, 2019INR 3.15-4.83%
Day 14Thursday, August 1, 2019INR 3.01-4.44%
Day 15Friday, August 2, 2019INR 1.76-41.53%
Day 16Saturday, August 3, 2019INR 4.45152.84%
Day 17Sunday, August 4, 2019INR 5.6727.42%
Day 18Monday, August 5, 2019INR 1.47-74.00%
Day 19Tuesday, August 6, 2019INR 1.36-8.00%
Day 20Wednesday, August 7, 2019INR 1.10-18.89%
Day 21Thursday, August 8, 2019INR 1.02-7.27%
Day 22Friday, August 9, 2019INR 0.88-13.73%
Day 23Saturday, August 10, 2019INR 2.16145.45%
Day 24Sunday, August 11, 2019INR 3.0943.06%
Day 25Monday, August 12, 2019INR 1.77-42.72%
TotalINR 153.05


Verdict: The Lion King is already a hit in India and is looking for a 80+ Crores First Week in India.

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