The Lion King Vs The Jungle Book Day Wise Collections Comparison

The Lion King is Directly Competing with the Lifetime collections of The Jungle Book and we will track the race in this comparison.


The Lion King Vs The Jungle Book: In Terms of a direct competition of the box office figures it’s not fair to compare Avengers Endgame With the Film but a more realistic comparison is in Form of The Jungle Book.

The Genre of both the films is similar and so is the Target Audience. So Let’s track which film is ahead right now.

The Jungle Book opened to a heart warming response in India but then it simply became unstoppable by showing some rare trends where it collected 40.47 crores in it’s Opening weekend and 74.08 crores in it’s first week and then ended with a massive Lifetime of 188 crores.

Where as The Lion King on the other dominated the first weekend with an Iron Paw by collecting 55.75 Crores in it’s opening weekend and 82.57 crores in it’s first week.

But on it’s 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Day The Lion King Lagged Behind The Jungle Book by 0.05, 1.72, 5.32, and 2.67 crores respectively. The Jungle Book showed better trends in these days.

Having Said that The Lion King is facing tough competition at the Indian Box Office from multiple Indian films Like Super 30, Judgmental Hai Kya and Kabir Singh to an extent. But the film jumped back on it’s second Saturday with massive 116%+ rise in box office collections.

The Current Difference in Total Collections is 73.49 crores and The Lion King right now is leading by a margin of 13.23 crores in it’s first 10 days.

The Lion King Vs The Jungle Book Day Wise Collections Comparison:

DayThe Jungle BookThe Lion KingDifference
Day 110.09INR 11.06INR 0.97
Day 213.51INR 19.15INR 5.64
Day 316.87INR 25.54INR 8.67
Day 47.6INR 7.90INR 0.30
Day 57.07INR 7.02-INR 0.05
Day 67.97INR 6.25-INR 1.72
Day 710.97INR 5.65-INR 5.32
Day 88.02INR 5.35-INR 2.67
Day 98.51INR 12.22INR 3.71
Day 1010.67INR 13.13INR 2.46
Day 115.09INR 3.25-INR 1.84
Day 126.37INR 3.00-INR 3.37
Day 135.02INR 3.00-INR 2.02
Day 144.01INR 2.60-INR 1.41
Day 153.58INR 1.82-INR 1.76
Day 166.65INR 3.83-INR 2.82
Total132130.77-INR 1.23


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