The Lion King 4th Monday (25th Day) Box Office Collection Report: Huge Again

The Lion King is having a wonderful run at the Indian Box Office as it improved it's collection on Monday over Friday by more than 100%.


The Lion King 4th Monday (25th Day): The 5th week for the film started on a modest Note with 0.88 crores on Friday at the Indian Box Office.

However, the following two days registered a very good growth of 145.45% (Saturday) and 43.06% (Sunday). The film dropped on Monday by just 42.72% over Sunday and went onto to improve the collections over 4th Friday by 101.14%.

The Lion King and Super 30 are the only two movies showing positive trends week after week and since they are in 4th and 5th respectively, so even after arrival of Batla House and Mission Mangal on 15th August they will continue to follow their Natural Course and will see a weekend surge again in the coming weekend. The numbers however might be much lower but even if one film our of this mega clash fails to get a positive word of mouth then these two will benefit a lot.

The Lion King 4th Monday (25th Day) Box Office Collection Report:

DayDateCollectionGrowth (+/-)
Day 1Friday, July 19, 2019INR 11.06N.A.
Day 2Saturday, July 20, 2019INR 19.1573.15%
Day 3Sunday, July 21, 2019INR 25.5433.37%
Day 4Monday, July 22, 2019INR 7.90-69.07%
Day 5Tuesday, July 23, 2019INR 7.02-11.14%
Day 6Wednesday, July 24, 2019INR 6.25-10.97%
Day 7Thursday, July 25, 2019INR 5.65-9.60%
Day 8Friday, July 26, 2019INR 5.35-5.31%
Day 9Saturday, July 27, 2019INR 12.22128.41%
Day 10Sunday, July 28, 2019INR 15.1323.81%
Day 11Monday, July 29, 2019INR 3.58-76.34%
Day 12Tuesday, July 30, 2019INR 3.31-7.54%
Day 13Wednesday, July 31, 2019INR 3.15-4.83%
Day 14Thursday, August 1, 2019INR 3.01-4.44%
Day 15Friday, August 2, 2019INR 1.76-41.53%
Day 16Saturday, August 3, 2019INR 4.45152.84%
Day 17Sunday, August 4, 2019INR 5.6727.42%
Day 18Monday, August 5, 2019INR 1.47-74.00%
Day 19Tuesday, August 6, 2019INR 1.36-8.00%
Day 20Wednesday, August 7, 2019INR 1.10-18.89%
Day 21Thursday, August 8, 2019INR 1.02-7.27%
Day 22Friday, August 9, 2019INR 0.88-13.73%
Day 23Saturday, August 10, 2019INR 2.16145.45%
Day 24Sunday, August 11, 2019INR 3.0943.06%
Day 25Monday, August 12, 2019INR 1.77-42.72%
TotalINR 153.05


Verdict: Blockbuster.

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