The Lion King 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection Report: Blockbuster

The Lion King still rules the hearts at Indian Box Office and still the first preference of Family Audience.


The Lion King 3rd Weekend: The film has been the first preference of the Family Audience in India since the date it released in India.

Just Like Super 30 the Trend has been tilted towards the evening shows on weekdays and the weekends have seen big occupancy from morning shows till Sunday late Night Shows.

The Lion King Recap:

Week 1: The film opened in India with a massive 11.06 crores and rose up by 73.15% on Saturday and 33.37% on Sunday and marked an opening weekend of 55.75 Crores. The Weekday trends were very solid with very little drops and the film collected 82.57 crores in it’s opening week in India.

Week 2: Opening the Friday with 5.35 crores the film film took a massive jump of 128.41% on Saturday and 23.81% on Sunday to mark a huge second weekend of 32.7 crores. The Trends in the weekdays were again solid and it collected 45.75 Crores in It’s second week taking the total 128.32 crores.

Week 3: The film opened Friday with 1.76 crores as the screening was hampered by release of Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw due to format issues and limitation of 3D and 4D screens but the film again boomeranged on Saturday in Limited shows and marked a Gigantic growth of 152.84% only to top it up with a another 27.42% on Sunday taking the 3rd weekend total to 11.88 crores.

In a rare scenario the two movies which are ruling the Indian Ranks are Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw and The Lion King. 

The Lion King 3rd Weekend Box Office Collection Report:

DayDateCollectionGrowth (+/-)
Day 1Friday, July 19, 2019INR 11.06N.A.
Day 2Saturday, July 20, 2019INR 19.1573.15%
Day 3Sunday, July 21, 2019INR 25.5433.37%
Day 4Monday, July 22, 2019INR 7.90-69.07%
Day 5Tuesday, July 23, 2019INR 7.02-11.14%
Day 6Wednesday, July 24, 2019INR 6.25-10.97%
Day 7Thursday, July 25, 2019INR 5.65-9.60%
Day 8Friday, July 26, 2019INR 5.35-5.31%
Day 9Saturday, July 27, 2019INR 12.22128.41%
Day 10Sunday, July 28, 2019INR 15.1323.81%
Day 11Monday, July 29, 2019INR 3.58-76.34%
Day 12Tuesday, July 30, 2019INR 3.31-7.54%
Day 13Wednesday, July 31, 2019INR 3.15-4.83%
Day 14Thursday, August 1, 2019INR 3.01-4.44%
Day 15Friday, August 2, 2019INR 1.76-41.53%
Day 16Saturday, August 3, 2019INR 4.45152.84%
Day 17Sunday, August 4, 2019INR 5.6727.42%
Day 18Monday, August 5, 2019INR 1.47-74.00%
Day 19Tuesday, August 6, 2019INR 1.36-8.00%
Day 20Wednesday, August 7, 2019INR 1.10-18.89%
Day 21Thursday, August 8, 2019INR 1.02-7.27%
Day 22Friday, August 9, 2019INR 0.88-13.73%
Day 23Saturday, August 10, 2019INR 2.16145.45%
Day 24Sunday, August 11, 2019INR 3.0943.06%
Day 25Monday, August 12, 2019INR 1.77-42.72%
TotalINR 153.05


Verdict: Blockbuster

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