The Lion King Movie Review (2019): Lion Sized VFX But Cat Sized Story Telling.

The Lion King (2019) Released today in India and The Hindi Version comes decorated with Voice Over of Shahrukh Khan and His Son.

Watchable Due to Amazing VFX and Hindi Voice Overs

Not The Lion King We Know For Sure.

It Fails to go reach the benchmark the Original Lion King (1994) and becomes a predictable affair.

  • Visual Effects
  • Voice Overs
  • Storytelling
  • Direction

The Lion King Movie Review: 1994 Disney released The Lion King and kids all over the world have lived that tale including India. Those Kids are not grown ups and they are taking their kids to witness a cult classic of their Childhood.

The big questions that is facing the Film is that will it be able to make a cult status once again or will it fail and earlier Bollywood released Like Super 30 and Kabir Singh will turn this Lion into a mere Cat. Let’s Find out.

The Lion King Plot:

Mufasa (Voice Over By Shahrukh Khan) is idolized by his Son Simba (Voice Over By Aryan Khan), as Simba tries to claim the throne of his Father’s kingdom he faces trouble and his brother has different plans. Simba has assistance in form of Timon (A Meerkat) and Pumbaa (A Warthog) who themselves are very carefree characters.

The film is about Simba’s Journey to claim his Father’s Throne and his Battle with his family demons.

The Lion King Screenplay:

This one is a shot to shot remake of it’s predecessor so of course everyone of us know the complete story. But the 1994 version of the film has audience seating on the fence and kept them guess which unfortunately Simba Fails to Do. Technically when producers Disney want to make a scene to scene remake then there’s not much scope left for anyone to do anything and this is the biggest weakness of the film.

When you copy something you cannot get better than the original however chances are you can fall short of the original, now this one falls too short.

The Lion King Visual Effects:

This is probably the reason why you want to see this movie apart from Voice Overs by Shahrukh Khan and Aryan Khan. The minutest details are taken care of.

The makers want you to believe that this is not a Live Action film and it seems like whole team is chasing that one goal. The details are so perfect that you can notice the Hair Movement by wind, the Leaves movement, Foot Prints and everything else has been taken care to the last mile.

Personally this is the best VFX ever for me and it will take a long time to beat this one. But also the fact remains that a normal personal who spends INR 1500 in a theater does not go there to appreciate the VFX and wiill actually admire this hair movement by wind.

What they seek is pure entertainment and escapade from their routine lives. Unfortunately even after a marvelous VFX work the film fails to entertain and live upto it’s potential.

The Lion King (Hindi) Voice Overs:

Some of you might feel that this section is being forcefully fit into this review. But After watching both the versions, I strongly recommend you to go for the Hindi Version.

Shahrukh Khan’s voice as Mufasa makes a huge impact and Aryan Khan is a Super Star as Simba and he has texture of his Father in his voice gives voice expressions with ease. The Father Son Voice Over makes the Hindi Version much more appealing that the original not because of the sheer star value but they suit the voices and takes this field to a whole new Level.

The Lion King Direction:

It seems like John Favreau was strictly told by Disney to copy the original with each frame. Overall there’s nothing in this department which we can talk about, it’s a pretty average work as far as the direction Goes.

The Lion King: Final Words:

Nothing New and it does not live upto the original as well. Still if you plan to go for the movie just beware you might not find a Lion but a Cat May be.

The Lion King: Box Office Reception in India

Families and Kids will go out in Large numbers in the initial weekdays and that will be the only push that it will get at the Indian Market apart from that it’s gonna collapse from Monday on wards. There’s a Super 30 which is eyeing for this kind of Opportunity and it seems like the film will take this opportunity.



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