Tanhaji Hit Or Flop: Budget, Economics, Pre Release Recoveries and Prediction

Tanhaji The Unsung Warrior is trending extremely well at the box office and this article will help you understand the economics and other important financial matrix of the film.


Tanhaji Hit Or Flop: The film has captured the nation in a craze and one question which is being asked by every is whether this film will be a hit or a flop. This article will answer all your questions in detail.

It’s not necessary that a film which collects huge or crosses 150 crores at the box office has to be a hit, film making today is as much about art as it is about smartly placing the film to be a financially successful venture.

We have seen with Dabangg 3 that despite having collections to the Tune of 150 crores the film is a flop at the box office and a film like Super 30 which earned lesser was a Superhit.

Tanhaji Hit Or Flop: Budget, Economics and Pre Release Recoveries

ParameterAmount (In Crores)
Cost of Production
₹ 107.00
Cost of Marketing
₹ 22.00
Tanhaji Landing Cost
₹ 129.00
Recovery From Music Rights
₹ 10.00
Recovery From Satellite Rights
₹ 45.00
Recovery From Digital Rights
₹ 25.00
Recovery From Distribution Rights
₹ 50.00 (+ 25% Profit Share)
Recovery From Ads and Alliances
₹ 18.00
Tanhaji Pre Release Recoveries
₹ 148.00
Profit / Loss Of Producers Before Releases
₹ 19.00


Every film carries different economics depending on the arrangements done between the producer and the distributors. In this case, AA Films are the distributor of the film which has bought the film for Rs. 50 Crores and they are supposed to give a 25 profit share to the producers.

While Producers are already in the profit zone and their earnings are still counted as the film is collecting huge at the box office.

The Hit or Flop of the film is always decided as per the distribution ecosystem and a film is called a Universal hit if no one if the value chain makes any losses.

Tanhaji Hit Or Flop:

Now How much does Tanhaji The Unsung Warrior need to collect in order to qualify as a Hit, Superhit or a Blockbuster?

The main producers who have invested the amount in making the film have already made their profits and will claim profits from the box office earning of the film. So they are already in a safe zone but for the box office verdicts their safe zone does not matter.

If Tanhaji The Unsung Warrior has to be a successful venture at the box office then it needs to give decent profits to the final major investor in the film i.e. AA Films and it will be called a universal Hit or Super hit if all the final investors i.e. sub-distributors and the exhibitors earn decent profit from this venture.

So Tanhaji has to Earn as per the below table for the respective Box office Classification:

₹ 120.00Average
₹ 140.00Clean Hit
₹ 165.00Super Hit
₹ 200.00Blockbuster


While there’s a controversy going on in Twitter today that AA Films is under-reporting the collections of Tanhaji The Unsung Warrior. While it might benefit them but to think that someone will do this will not only hamper their reputation and is also unethical which can invite legal action.

Also, 25% over profits is not such a big amount that AA films will resort to any of such tactics and spoil their relationship one of the biggest production houses of India i.e. T-Series. So in my personal opinion, I would request fans to not indulge in these kinds of negative sentients and enjoy the success of the film.

The writing is on the wall and Tanhaji The Unsung Warrior is heading for a blockbuster classification in India.

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