Tanhaji Box Office Collection Report Till Now: India And Overseas

Tanhaji had a very successful run at the box office and is in its 8th week at the box office.


Tanhaji Box Office Collection Report Till Now: Tanhaji had a dream run at the box office and attained many box office records. The film got released in the weakest phase of the year for a film and completely dominated the box office. Tanhaji numbers would have been even more if it was released on a holiday period.

The film faced a clash every week at the box office and completely overshadowed all the film in its way. Here is the detailed collection report of the film from all periods and geography.

Tanhaji Box Office Collection Report Till Now: Summary

PeriodAmount (in Crores)
Opening DayINR 15.10
End of Opening WeekendINR 61.75
End of Week 1INR 118.91
End of Week 2INR 197.45
End of Week 3INR 237.87
End of Week 4INR 259.52
End of Week 5INR 269.93
End of Week 6INR 275.01
End of Week 7INR 277.62
Lifetime CollectionINR 278.47


Tanhaji Box Office Collection Report Till Now: Day Wise

DayAmount (in Crores)Growth/Drop
Day 1INR 15.10N/A
Day 2INR 20.5736%
Day 3INR 26.2628%
Day 4INR 13.75-48%
Day 5INR 15.2811%
Day 6INR 16.729%
Day 7INR 11.23-33%
Day 8INR 10.06-10%
Day 9INR 16.3663%
Day 10INR 22.1235%
Day 11INR 8.17-63%
Day 12INR 7.72-6%
Day 13INR 7.09-8%
Day 14INR 7.02-1%
Day 15INR 5.38-23%
Day 16INR 9.5277%
Day 17INR 12.5832%
Day 18INR 4.03-68%
Day 19INR 3.22-20%
Day 20INR 2.92-9%
Day 21INR 2.77-5%
Day 22INR 2.770%
Day 23INR 4.4862%
Day 24INR 6.2840%
Day 25INR 2.32-63%
Day 26INR 2.05-12%
Day 27INR 1.90-7%
Day 28INR 1.85-3%
Day 29INR 1.15-38%
Day 30INR 2.76140%
Day 31INR 3.4525%
Day 32INR 0.88-74%
Day 33INR 0.79-10%
Day 34INR 0.70-11%
Day 35INR 0.68-3%
Day 36INR 0.63-7%
Day 37INR 0.9754%
Day 38INR 1.4044%
Day 39INR 0.43-69%
Day 40INR 0.455%
Day 41INR 0.7362%
Day 42INR 0.47-36%
Day 43 – Day 49INR 2.61455%
Day 50INR 0.15-94%
Day 51INR 0.2567%
Day 52INR 0.4580%


The film recorded a very good occupancy again on its 8th weekend, We have seen on every weekend that how the film gets into the beast mode.

Tanhaji Box Office Collection Report Till Now: Weekend Wise

WeekendAmount (in Crores)
Weekend 1INR 61.93
Weekend 2INR 48.54
Weekend 3INR 27.48
Weekend 4INR 13.53
Weekend 5INR 7.36
Weekend 6INR 3.00


Tanhaji Box Office Collection Report Till Now: Week Wise

WeekAmount (in Crores)
Week 1INR 118.91
Week 2INR 78.54
Week 3INR 40.42
Week 4INR 21.65
Week 5INR 10.41
Week 6INR 5.08
Week 7INR 2.61


Box Office Collection Report Till Now: Territory Wise

TerritoryAmount (in Crores)
MumbaiINR 136.94
Delhi-U.PINR 33.73
East PunjabINR 13.68
CPINR 16.66
CIINR 9.43
RajasthanINR 11.96
Nizam-APINR 14.37
MysoreINR 8.38
West BengalINR 10.67
Bihar & JharkhandINR 6.88
AssamINR 2.51
OrissaINR 2.83
Tamil Nadu & KeralaINR 2.20
OthersINR 8.23


Box Office Collection Report Till Now: Cinema Wise

CinemaAmount (in Crores)
PVRINR 52.92
CarnivalINR 36.50
CinepolisINR 23.36
WaveINR 2.55
City PrideINR 10.13
MuktaINR 4.48
Movie TimeINR 3.02
MirajINR 8.70
RajhansINR 1.14
Gold DigitalINR 2.31
E SquareINR 6.11
MaxusINR 3.03
PriyaINR 0.20
IP CinemasINR 0.33
City GoldINR 0.51
K Sera SeraINR 0.57
M2KINR 0.33
FortuneINR 0.47
Q CinemaINR 0.03
DeviINR 0.11
CinemarcINR 0.45
Piccadilly SquareINR 0.19
RedrocksINR 0.10
VinayINR 0.07
London ParisINR 0.02
Raj MandirINR 0.32
OthersINR 73.32


Box Office Collection Report Till Now: Country Wise

CountryCollection (In Local Currency)
New Zealand155,423


Box Office Collection Report Till Now: Overseas

ParameterAmount (in mil. USD)
Opening Weekend1.7
Total Overseas Gross4.92


Box Office Collection Report Till Now: Worldwide

ParameterAmount (in Crores)
India box office Nett cr.INR 278.47
India box office Gross cr.INR 331.51
Overseas Gross cr.INR 34.85
Worldwide collections Gross cr.INR 366.36


Tanhaji has completed 50 glorious days at the box office and is the highest-grossing film of the year till now. Tanhaji is also the best film of Ajay Devgn’s career.

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