Tanhaji 5th Day (Tuesday) Box Office Collection Update: Good Again

Tanhaji The Unsung Warrior is trending extremely well on it's 5th day at the box office.


Tanhaji 5th Day (Tuesday) Box Office Collection Update: The Occupancy today is more or less similar to that of Monday occupancy and it will get a major boost from the night shows in some areas due to a wide-scale Holiday tomorrow in areas like Maharashtra.

The film has trended very well till now and Monday hold was excellent. As against Chappak which released with Tanhaji The Unsung Warrior is not able to hold at the box office.

The 4th-day collections of Tanhaji were higher than it’s opening day in areas like Gujarat and Saurashtra and film actually ended up showing a higher collection by 27%. The Mumbai collections were the same as that of its opening day which is nothing less than exceptional because the film started on an excellent note in Mumbai.

These collections have come on a normal weekday and if you put them against the weekend price then the collections would be Rs. 17.28 crores.

Tanhaji 5th Day (Tuesday) Box Office Collection Update: Occupancy

Today the film opened to 24% in early morning shows and grew to 30% by morning shows. The early Afternoon occupancy was at 40% and right now the film is at 57% occupancy.

The figures are more or less similar to that of Monday. Now, since tomorrow is a Holiday in some key circuits there will be an upward trend in the collections from 5 PM shows and there is a possibility that film might surpass yesterday’s occupancy in the night shows.

Occupancy Till now has been as follows:

  • 4th day (Monday) – 24% (EM), 29% (M), 42% (EA), 44% (A), 53% (EE), 67% (E), 72% (EN), 52% (N)
  • 3rd day (Sunday) – 58% (EM), 68% (M), 72% (EA), 89% (A), 91% (EE), 92% (E), 85% (EN), 76% (N)
  • 2nd  Day (Saturday) – 39% (EM), 49% (M), 55% (EA), 68% (A), 71% (EE), 86% (E), 87% (EN), 68% (N)
  • 1st day (Friday) – 27% (EM), 29% (M), 34% (EA), 38% (A), 41% (EE), 65% (E), 72% (EN), 57% (N)


1st E = Early, M = Morning, A = Afternoon, 2nd E = Evening, N = Night.

Tanhaji Collection Till Now:

Friday, January 10, 2020INR 15.10N.A.
Saturday, January 11, 2020INR 20.5736.23%
Sunday, January 12, 2020INR 26.0826.79%
Monday, January 13, 2020INR 13.75-47.28%
TotalINR 75.50



Tanhaji has crossed Rs. 75 crores in 4 Days and Today it will surely cross 86 crores. Tomorrow’s Holiday should be able to push Tanahji to a 100 crore total and First Week Collections will be in the range of 112 Crores.

The film just dropped by 8% over Friday which is an exceptional trend and film is performing very well across India. With Chappak not up to the mark, and with New releases coming in without big faces Tanhaji Should not Face any big screen loss in the coming week and will easily cruise pass an Rs. 200 crore lifetime.

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