Tanhaji 1st Day (Friday) Box Office Collection Report: Fantastic Start

Tanhaji is Onto a Fantastic Box Office Start in the dullest period of the year.


Tanhaji 1st Day (Friday): Before we move further into this article, we need to understand that movies releasing today are releasing in the dullest period which a film can release in.

Why January is the worst period to release Movies?

January is also called a dump month for movies, and this trend is not limited to India this is a worldwide trend. Some of the primary reasons include:

  1. End of a very long Holiday period.
  2. Targets for working people and office obligations including appraisals etc.
  3. Students, on the other hand, have exams fast approaching and the family audience goes out in limited numbers to watch a film unless it is something really good.

Now Let’s look at how this translates into numbers.

YearNo Of FilmsBox Office EarningsNo of Films In JanauryCollection of Film released in Janaury% of Jan Vs year% Jan Collections Vs Year
2010140₹ 1,539.139₹ 113.516%7%
2011124₹ 1,751.768₹ 124.146%7%
2012133₹ 2,551.957₹ 154.915%6%
2013138₹ 3,032.1614₹ 166.9610%6%
2014145₹ 2,992.3310₹ 202.637%7%
2015166₹ 3,391.2615₹ 204.519%6%
2016214₹ 3,550.4514₹ 256.417%7%
2017251₹ 3,901.4416₹ 303.196%8%
2018219₹ 4,422.3122₹ 347.8710%8%
2019246₹ 5,551.2523₹ 395.889%7%
Total₹ 1,776.00₹ 32,684.04₹ 138.00₹ 2,270.018%7%


We can see from the data clearly that the figures are not sufficient in spite of the higher number of films releasing. Thankfully in January 2019, we had Uri: The Surgical Strike which went onto run for a very long time collected a lot outside January month. But collections are still counted in January. But this was an exception.

In January 2019 end there was Padmavat which again did the majority of the collections outside January month.

Now, since we have set the perspective right. Let’s see How Tanhaji is performing in this lean period on its opening day.

Tanhaji 1st Day (Friday) Box Office Collection Report: Occupancy

Time SlotDay 1 (Friday)
Early Morning27%
Early Afternoon34%
Early Evening41%
Early Night


In this dull time, Tanhaji has taken one of the best openings in this period and that too on a Weekday. The opening is Maharashtra is like a Holiday opening where shows are already running to packed houses almost at all the centers and advance ticket sales for the weekend is extraordinary.

Tanhaji was finally able to manage around 3652 screens and many screens in centers like Raipur and other similar centers in Central India are waiting for the day to end to see trends of both the movies and a major shift can happen over weekend if Tanhaji can pick up in central India to good levels and find good word of mouth.

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