Super 30 Second Week Box Office Collection Report: Very Strong Trends

Super 30 is sticking onto the box office on a very strong note.


Super 30 Second Week: In our earlier report we had reported that Super 30 has beaten trends of hit films like Kesari, Bharat and Gully Boy and that trend does not change on it’s last day of second week.

Super 30 is Tax Free in Which States ?

Super 30 is already Tax Free in the below states:

  1. Bihar
  2. Uttar Pradesh
  3. Rajasthan
  4. Gujarat
  5. Delhi

This could have probably come earlier, infact there should be a provision for CBFC (Censor Board) to recommend a project for Tax Free Status when they screen the movie for certification. Based on that recommendation state representatives can watch the movie before release and grant the Tax Free status at the earliest so that maximum people can see the movie.

Super 30 started second week on a strong foot although The Lion King had taken away a lot of screens but the film collected 4.52 crores with a drop of 19.57% and then showed 88.72% and 36.93% growth on Saturday and Sunday respectively to put a mammoth 24.73 crores as the second weekend total.

On Monday the film dropped by 20.35 over second Friday and collected 3.6 crores since then film showed a drop of 7.22%, 5.39% and 4.43% on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Respectively to earn 13.12 crores in weekdays taking the second week total to 37.85 crores.

Film is already a clean hit and has crossed 113 crores at the Indian Box Office and 160 crores Gross at the worldwide Box office.

Super 30 Second Week: Occupancy

Time Slot31st Day (Sunday)30th Day (Saturday)29th Day (Friday)28th Day (Thursday)27th Day (Wednesday)26th Day (Tuesday)25th Day (Monday24th Day (Sunday)23rd Day (Saturday)22nd Day (Friday)21st Day (Thursday)20th Day (Wednesday)19th Day (Tuesday)18th Day (Monday)17th Day (Sunday)16th Day (Saturday)15th Day (Friday)14th Day (Thursday)13th Day (Wednesday)12th Day (Tuesday)11th Day (Monday)10th Day (Sunday)9th Day (Saturday)8th Day (Friday)7th Day (Thursday)6th Day (Wednesday)5th Day (Tuesday)4th Day (Monday)3rd Day (Sunday)2nd Day (Saturday)1st Day (Friday)
Early Morning39%30%14%13%13%11%11%39%30%14%13%13%11%11%39%30%14%13%13%12%12%24%18%12%11%12%13%13%39%34%22%
Early After Noon45%41%20%18%17%19%20%54%41%20%18%17%19%20%54%41%20%18%17%17%18%78%35%17%17%17%19%20%56%50%32%
Afternoon Shows73%55%26%24%22%25%27%81%55%26%24%22%25%27%81%55%26%24%22%21%22%86%51%21%20%21%23%24%68%60%39%
Early Evening Shows86%76%36%33%31%32%34%84%76%36%33%31%32%34%84%76%36%33%35%36%39%84%65%38%23%24%27%28%79%70%45%
Evening Shows67%88%45%41%38%40%42%92%88%45%41%38%40%42%92%88%45%41%43%45%48%80%78%47%26%27%30%31%89%79%51%
Night Shows84%83%52%45%43%46%48%94%92%52%45%43%46%48%94%92%52%45%47%50%53%78%81%52%28%29%32%33%94%93%60%
Late Night Shows88%85%54%47%46%48%51%58%93%54%47%46%48%51%58%93%54%47%49%52%59%65%88%58%26%27%30%31%88%87%65%


Super 30 Second Week Box Office Collection Report: