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Super 30 Movie Review: The Show belongs to Hrithik Roshan and Pankaj Tripathi

Super 30 is one of those rare films which leave spell bounding performances haunting you long after you have left the theatres.

Inspiring, Entertaining and Spell Bounding Perfomances.

An Inspiring Story With Good Entertainment Value which Deserves a Watch.

Watch it to get inspired, there's no reason to miss this one out.

  • Performance
  • Background Music
  • Direction
  • Music
  • Screenplay
  • Editing

Super 30 Movie Review: The story starts in a flashback where a speech is being delivered by Fugga (Vijay Verma) and we travel back to 1996 in the times of Anand Kumar (played by Hrithik Roshan) and the magic starts to unfold. An incident at a local college hurts him but he gets inspired and that inspiration gets him selected to Cambridge University.

But, as a part and parcel of Life God Only favors the brave and leaves his bread crumbs to our destiny. Some pick them up and some curse them. This is story of a man who picks all those bread crumbs left by God and creates his own destiny.

A personal incident he takes up coaching a group of 30 IIT aspirants and in the course he makes a few friends and many enemies. This story is about valor of a common man rising to rank of heroes not on the battlefield but by turning his otherwise sorted Life into a battlefield for a bigger cause.

We just discussed the plot and we tried to give you as less details as possible about this part as those moments are what adds to your big screen experience, we can just leave bread crumbs for you to pick them up.

Super 30: Script and Screenplay

Have you seen “Pursuit Of Happiness” ? I Could count at least 3 Pursuit of Happiness moments in the film. Which means that film is filled with goosebumps, but the script and screenplay is not continuous and comes with gaps and breaks.

A film of this nature often require pauses and since we have already mentioned POH for reference, it applies to these Gaps also. The challenges for the writers are many in these types of films.

The personality is known but his life is not an open book for all, so you have to research. You find contradictory points in research and then you try to figure out which one was the right and which one was the wrong. This confusion from the writers can be seen at a few places but thanks to the Fantastic Back Ground Music you don’t feel the pinch of it.

Super 30: Editing

A. Sreekar is the editor and in these days it’s not entirely fair to blame an editor. But this 154 minute Saga could easily be 20-25 minutes shorter not only giving it possibility of one more show at each screen but keeping the Audience engaged on a much wider Level.

This editing “If At All” is gonna hurt the film at Single Screens. But at the same time, if the emotions pick up then there will be no stepping this film at all the levels.

Super 30 Music Review

Well, this definitely is not a music review of Super 30 but when you see situational songs nicely crafted into the whole movie, you can’t help but take a small pause, praise the music and it’s premise and move on.

The beauty of the songs lies in the placements and that somehow supports the entire narrative of the movie.

Super 30 Movie Review: Direction

The film is set up in 90’s and somehow you feel the feel of that period. The feel is indeed rustic but the color schemes and props could be a lot better. But that’s very technical a normal movie goer is not even worried about it. I just took up this point as you will see this point coming up in many reviews. (Pun Intended, in case you don’t get it.)

The Director leads some fantastic emotional sequences but overall you find something missing or may be you want more. But the director otherwise does complete justice to the entire premise of the film and extracts good performances from the entire cast.

Super 30 Movie Review: Performances

Once you see the movie you will understand the challenges of all actors and this fantastic star cast has done everything to uplift a movie which could have otherwise fallen flat has these strong performances were missing.

Hrithik Roshan is not only a Super Star but also one of the finest actors in the country and Super 30 is a living proof of that. He is excellent throughout.

Pankaj Tripathi again proves that he becomes the backbone of any film any script you give and he owns and over powers every scene he is given. His performance is par excellence. His role might not be big, but definitely very memorable one.

Aditya Srivastava (AKA Inspector Abhijeet of CID) is a natural actor and support the script and the premise completely and there is one scene between him and Pankaj Tripathi which is par excellence.

The casting of kids is perfect and all of them have clear instructions and they perform their part with ease and perfection.

Mrunal Thakur is not only beautiful but she is an hell of a performer as well. Her Chemistry with Hrithik Roshan is one of the highlights of the film. Each and every member of the cast have given their best and have contributed positively towards the whole film.

Super 30: Final Word

The Film is beautiful for a simple reason that it delivers inspiration but editor and screenplay writer could have made this one helluva experience.

It might not be a must watch but it definitely is a Good Watch. Those looking for quality cinema with entertainment will rejoice this one while if the emotional second half connects with the masses then there is no stopping this film at the Box Office.

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