Super 30 5th Friday Box Office Collection Report: Superb Hold

Super 30 is showing very good hold even in it's 5th week and the drop is just about 25.62%.

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Super 30 5th Friday: The film has again shown very good hold at the Indian Box Office and is trending extremely well and is sure to go over 145 crores.

On It’s 5th Friday Super 30 just showed a minimal drop of 25.61%, the screen count for the movie has not reduced much but the number of shows is much lesser than last week.

Given that Jabariya Jodi has not received a very good response Super 30 might partially benefit from this as if the occupancy for the film goes down below expected levels than Super 30 can have more shows.

Given that it’s an extended weekend till Monday due to Bakra Eid Holiday this might play a big role in Super 30’s Lifetime collections.

We will draw the 5th Weekend Projection for Super 30 after going through the collections in second part of this article.

Super 30 5th Friday Box Office Collection Report:

DayDateCollectionDrop / Increase
Day 1Friday, July 12, 2019INR 11.83 N.A.
Day 2Saturday, July 13, 2019INR 18.1953.76%
Day 3Sunday, July 14, 2019INR 20.7414.02%
Day 4Monday, July 15, 2019INR 6.93-66.59%
Day 5Tuesday, July 16, 2019INR 6.39-7.79%
Day 6Wednesday, July 17, 2019INR 6.16-3.60%
Day 7Thursday, July 18, 2019INR 5.62-8.77%
Day 8Friday, July 19, 2019INR 4.52-19.57%
Day 9Saturday, July 20, 2019INR 8.5388.72%
Day 10Sunday, July 21, 2019INR 11.6836.93%
Day 11Monday, July 22, 2019INR 3.60-69.18%
Day 12Tuesday, July 23, 2019INR 3.34-7.22%
Day 13Wednesday, July 24, 2019INR 3.16-5.39%
Day 14Thursday, July 25, 2019INR 3.02-4.43%
Day 15Friday, July 26, 2019INR 2.14-29.14%
Day 16Saturday, July 27, 2019INR 4.47108.88%
Day 17Sunday, July 28, 2019INR 5.6125.50%
Day 18Monday, July 29, 2019INR 1.39-75.22%
Day 19Tuesday, July 30, 2019INR 1.35-2.88%
Day 20Wednesday, July 31, 2019INR 1.478.89%
Day 21Thursday, August 1, 2019INR 1.512.72%
Day 22Friday, August 2, 2019INR 0.96-36.42%
Day 23Saturday, August 3, 2019INR 2.10118.75%
Day 24Sunday, August 4, 2019INR 3.2253.33%
Day 25Monday, August 5, 2019INR 0.85-73.60%
Day 26Tuesday, August 6, 2019INR 0.81-4.71%
Day 27Wednesday, August 7, 2019INR 0.854.94%
Day 28Thursday, August 8, 2019INR 0.80-5.88%
Day 29Friday, August 9, 2019INR 0.56-30.00%
Day 30Saturday, August 10, 2019INR 1.21116.07%
Day 31Sunday, August 11, 2019INR 1.7746.28%
Day 32Monday, August 12, 2019INR 0.92-48.02%
Day 33Tuesday, August 13, 2019INR 0.44-52.17%
Day 34Wednesday, August 14, 2019INR 0.5525.00%
Day 35Thursday, August 15, 2019INR 0.18-67.27%
TotalINR 146.87


Super 30 Lifetime Projections:

Super 30 has opened its 5th week with collections of 0.61 crores assuming that film can put a similar growth over this weekend like it did in previous Weeks then it will collect around 4.7 crores in it’s extended weekend and take the Lifetime total to 146 crores within it’s 5th weekend.

Even after arrival of Mission Mangal and Batla House the film will continue to run on it’s natural course and should easily go past the 150 crore mark by the end of it’s Lifetime.

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