Super 30 4th Friday Box Office Report and 4th Weekend Business Projection.

Indian Box Office is having one too many films to show but the screens seems to over run sometimes.


Super 30 4th Friday: The film is into it’s 4th week now and it has started the 4th Friday on a Super Note with Drop of only 28.48%.

Just for records Drop on 3rd Friday was 29.14% & on 2nd Friday it was 19.57%. So the drop is not at all alarming considering there is a tough time for screens going on for each and every film playing at the Indian Box Office.

Before we get into the projection first Let’s look at the Friday collections and then it will be easy to get into the projections.

Super 30 4th Friday Box Office Report:

DayDateCollectionDrop / Increase
Day 1Friday, July 12, 2019INR 11.83 N.A.
Day 2Saturday, July 13, 2019INR 18.1953.76%
Day 3Sunday, July 14, 2019INR 20.7414.02%
Day 4Monday, July 15, 2019INR 6.93-66.59%
Day 5Tuesday, July 16, 2019INR 6.39-7.79%
Day 6Wednesday, July 17, 2019INR 6.16-3.60%
Day 7Thursday, July 18, 2019INR 5.62-8.77%
Day 8Friday, July 19, 2019INR 4.52-19.57%
Day 9Saturday, July 20, 2019INR 8.5388.72%
Day 10Sunday, July 21, 2019INR 11.6836.93%
Day 11Monday, July 22, 2019INR 3.60-69.18%
Day 12Tuesday, July 23, 2019INR 3.34-7.22%
Day 13Wednesday, July 24, 2019INR 3.16-5.39%
Day 14Thursday, July 25, 2019INR 3.02-4.43%
Day 15Friday, July 26, 2019INR 2.14-29.14%
Day 16Saturday, July 27, 2019INR 4.47108.88%
Day 17Sunday, July 28, 2019INR 5.6125.50%
Day 18Monday, July 29, 2019INR 1.39-75.22%
Day 19Tuesday, July 30, 2019INR 1.35-2.88%
Day 20Wednesday, July 31, 2019INR 1.478.89%
Day 21Thursday, August 1, 2019INR 1.512.72%
Day 22Friday, August 2, 2019INR 0.96-36.42%
Day 23Saturday, August 3, 2019INR 2.10118.75%
Day 24Sunday, August 4, 2019INR 3.2253.33%
Day 25Monday, August 5, 2019INR 0.85-73.60%
Day 26Tuesday, August 6, 2019INR 0.81-4.71%
Day 27Wednesday, August 7, 2019INR 0.854.94%
Day 28Thursday, August 8, 2019INR 0.80-5.88%
Day 29Friday, August 9, 2019INR 0.56-30.00%
Day 30Saturday, August 10, 2019INR 1.21116.07%
Day 31Sunday, August 11, 2019INR 1.7746.28%
Day 32Monday, August 12, 2019INR 0.92-48.02%
Day 33Tuesday, August 13, 2019INR 0.44-52.17%
Day 34Wednesday, August 14, 2019INR 0.5525.00%
Day 35Thursday, August 15, 2019INR 0.180-67.27%
Day 36Friday, August 16, 2019INR 0.010-94.44%
Day 37Saturday, August 17, 2019INR 0.030200.00%
Day 38Sunday, August 18, 2019INR 0.05066.67%
Day 39Monday, August 19, 2019INR 0.009-82.00%
Day 40Tuesday, August 20, 2019INR 0.008-11.11%
Day 41Wednesday, August 21, 2019INR 0.007-12.50%
Day 42Thursday, August 22, 2019INR 0.001-85.71%
Day 43Friday, August 23, 2019INR 0.0001-90.00%
Day 44Saturday, August 24, 2019INR 0.0002100.00%
Day 45Sunday, August 25, 2019INR 0.000350.00%
Day 46Monday, August 26, 2019INR 0.00001-96.67%
Day 47Tuesday, August 27, 2019INR 0.000010.00%
Day 48Wednesday, August 28, 2019INR 0.000010.00%
Day 49Thursday, August 29, 2019INR 0.000010.00%
Day 50Friday, August 30, 2019INR 0.000010.00%
Day 51Saturday, August 31, 2019INR 0.000010.00%
Day 52Sunday, September 1, 2019INR 0.000010.00%
Day 53Monday, September 2, 2019INR 0.000001-90.00%
Day 54Tuesday, September 3, 2019INR 0.0000010.00%
Day 55Wednesday, September 4, 2019INR 0.0000010.00%
Day 56Thursday, September 5, 2019INR 0.0000010.00%
Day 57Friday, September 6, 2019INR 0.0000002-80.00%
Day 58Saturday, September 7, 2019INR 0.0000004100.00%
TotalINR 146.99


The film is already a super hit given the economics of the film, in this article we will try to estimate the 4th weekend collections and the lifetime Collections of Super 30.

Super 30 has got an open window till the mega clash Mission Mangal Vs Batla House Happens on 15th August, 2019.

The film collected 1.08 Crores on it’s 4th Friday and Let’s for a moment assume that it can put up the second weekend performance yet again. The growth of 2nd Saturday was 88.72% and on Sunday it was 36.93%. (Please note in second weekend it had put up even a bigger growth and we are not considering that sample for this projection.)

So Today Super 30 should easily collect in range on 2 Crores and On Sunday it should again go onto collect 2.6 crores taking the 4th weekend total to well over 5.5 crores.

After Which in weekdays it should add another 3 crores to the over all total taking the 4th Week total to 8.5 Crores and crossing the 140 crores mark within 4th week.

And after that film should Look at Lifetime total of 145 crores. However these are projections on a very low side as the occupancy today is again picking up and it should peak in a while.

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