Super 30 4th Day Collection: Passes the 1st Monday Litmus Test.

Super 30 showed exceptional growth over weekend and now it has shown a good hold on it's first Monday.


Super 30 4th Day Collection: While there are many articles and experts going on and trying to give their Point of View on Monday Hold of Super 30. We desperately need to set the right perspective.

And this is only possible by taking some similar genres or in other words considering the genres which are not absolute Box Office Chart Busters but they maintain a rather long run.

But, since we are dealing with Facts and figures we will take two recent examples where films have shown exemplary hold and they were more universal than Super 30.

Case 1: Kabir Singh opened to 20.21 crores on Day 1 showed nominal growth of 12.32% and 22.95% over the weekend and dropped 37% from Sunday and 13% from it’s First Friday on it’s first Monday. (The Film is More Universal in Nature and Appeals to Youth).

Case 2: Article 15 Opened to just 5.02 Crore on it’s First Friday and showed exceptional growth of 44.42% and 7.17% on following two days. On Monday the collections dropped by 48.71% over Sunday and 20.92% over Friday.

Case 3: Bharat (This is more closer to Super 30 due to the genre but there’s a Salman Khan Factor) was an unusual Wednesday Release and it collected 42.3 crores on it’s First Day enjoying full Eid Momentum. On Friday the collections were lower by 47.52% over first day as it collected 22.2 Crores.

The film was not able to show any major growth during the weekend and on Monday the Drop was as given below.

  • 68% Over Sunday
  • 78% Over First Day
  • and 58% over First Friday.

Case 4: De De Pyaar De (This is Rather a ROMCOM but again it had a niche audience hence being considered) opened to 10.41 crores and grew by 28% and 10% over next 2 days and on Monday it showed a drop of 40% over Friday.

Get the above mentioned figures clear in your mind as these are stats from Successful films of 2019.

Now Let’s Analyse Super 30. The Film based on it’s economics is already into the profit zone for producers and very soon all the distributors and exhibitors will also be laughing their way to the Banks. However, we are discussing box office collections right now.

Super 30 marked return of Hrithik Roshan after a very long time in a rather Off Beat film. Yes it’s an off beat film and you put any lesser star than Hrithik into it and it might fail collect even 3 crores on it’s opening day.

Super 30 However opened to 11.8 Crores and then showed an exceptional growth of 54.24% and Further grew by 13.96% despite the World Cup Final and Wimbeldon Final. Now a Film without good word of mouth cannot grow this much in this Genre it’s next to impossible.

The Monday Collections are in range of 7.55 Crores to 8.25 Crores. Even on the lower side that means a 36% Drop Over Friday. Yes the Drop is big but a Drop of 50% over Friday is more than acceptable.

There’s one problem for Super 30 right now that the Younger crowd is literally missing from the theaters despite getting a positive review from anyone who has watched it. I will be spending the day today understanding the reason behind this and to check student calendars Like is it some crucial time of the year for the college students or they are simply not patronizing this movie.

Having stated the problem, let’s come to Box Office Collections. Even if Super 30 had collected 7 Crores today then also there would be nothing to worry as these type of Films are slated for Weekend Surges and a good hold on the lower side over the week days.

Commercially Super 30 is a very safe venture and no one involved has any chance of making any losses. In fact major recoveries have already happened. You can read our Article on Super 30 Economics here.

Note: We are not taking any Money from any producer and we are not supporting Super 30 for any kind of commercial or any other favor from the star or the producer. In an age where everyone tries to be a Trade Analyst, there are rumors and misconceptions bound to happen keeping Fans of stars sleep less at nights.

Our objective if only to clarify these rumors, we are sorry that we could not write this article earlier due to other commitments. But our closing message for this article is ” Super 30 is a Beautiful Film and it will go a Long Way, Fans need to celebrate the content rather then being too worried about the Collections.”

Super 30 4th Day Occupancy:

Time Slot11th Day (Monday)10th Day (Sunday)9th Day (Saturday)8th Day (Friday)7th Day (Thursday)6th Day (Wednesday)5th Day (Tuesday)4th Day (Monday)3rd Day (Sunday)2nd Day (Saturday)1st Day (Friday)
Early Morning12%24%18%12%11%12%13%13%39%34%22%
Early After Noon18%78%35%17%17%17%19%20%56%50%32%
Afternoon Shows22%86%51%21%20%21%23%24%68%60%39%
Early Evening Shows39%84%65%38%23%24%27%28%79%70%45%
Evening Shows48%80%78%47%26%27%30%31%89%79%51%
Night Shows53%78%81%52%31%32%36%37%105%93%60%
Late Night Shows59%65%88%58%34%35%39%40%114%101%65%

Super 30 4th Day Collection: