Student Of The Year 2 Movie Review: Average Rating From All Critics!!


Student Of The Year 2 Movie Review: With Student of the Year 2 Movie review we are introducing a new section. This Section is dedicated to bring all important reviews of a movie in a single phase and then finally arriving at an average rating.

Student Of The Year 2 Movie Review: Average Rating From All Critics.

Total Critics: 11

Average Rating out of 5 – 2.7

Platform Critic Rating Final Comment
Bollywood Hungama BH News Network 3.5 On the whole, STUDENT OF THE YEAR 2 is an entertaining and an enjoyable fare which will strike a chord in the audience’s hearts. At the box office, it has the potential to do excellent business!
Koimoi Umesh Punwani 1.5 All said and done, I don’t mind cheesy Dharma movies (loved the part 1) but this one is just a needless sequel. They could’ve titled this as ‘Not-A-Student Of The Year’, and still, it would’ve have been equally bad. Abhishek Parihar 3 It’s A light hearted entertainer with right doses of Humour , Sports and action. Tiger Shroff/ is the soul of the film while Both Ananya and Tara are impressive. Watch it for Tiger and some light moments. Might just work at box office.
Times Of India Ronak Kotecha 3 Overall, SOTY 2 doesn’t have that Ishq wala love, but there is ample dosti, high school drama and cool stuff to keep you going.
DNA Meena Iyer 3 Apart from Will Smith’s miss-if-you-blink appearance, watch SOTY (2) for Tiger.  Even when things around him are caving in, his ballerina grace is intact.  One star in the rating is reserved for Tiger.
Masala Lekha Menon 2.5 The problem with the film is that it seems confused – should it be a candyfloss campus flick with hot chicks and hunky dudes or should it be a candyfloss campus flick with sports and tense moments?
NewsD NewsD Team 3.5 The film narrative remains light and focus. Over the visual appeal of the movie is good. ‘A good one time watch’ this weekend.
Khaleej Times Ambica Sachin 3 Overall SOTY2 works because of the earnest performances from all four lead actors who are ably supported by some excellent actors in other side roles -specially Rohan’s Pishori friends.
Times Now Kriti Tulsiani 2.5 Rightly pointed by another viewer in the hall, it’s underwhelming to see that it’s 2019 and only men are in the final race for ‘Dignity Student of the Year’ cup.
NDTV Saibal Chaterjee 1.5 Student Of The Year 2 flunks every test on the parameters of both writing and crafting. For a genuine lover of Hindi popular cinema, it is more trauma than drama.
Navbahrat Times 3 हल्की-फुल्की हाईस्कूल ड्रामा वाली रोमांटिक फिल्में पसंद हों तो इस फिल्म को देख सकते हैं।


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