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Easter Eggs might be term which all of the readers will not be Familiar with. It’s more of a Hollywood term but Easter Eggs are referred to has hidden plot lines taken from earlier movies or hinting at something which you are about to witness in an Upcoming movie. The Term existed forever but Marvel has taken it to a new level with so much connection being revealed in every marvel movie. So Enjoy All the Easter Eggs which you will see in Spider Man Homecoming , enjoy.

1. Avengers Face Off – The Battle Of New York

Remember the first Avengers ? Spider man Home coming opens in the after math of the alien Invasion that took place and no they are not trying to do a Batman Vs Superman here it is more to do with the main villain of the movie.

The beginning of the movie establishes that How Battle Of New York played a important role in Adrian Toomes Life in becoming the vulture. Actually Toomes owns a Salvage company which is called for a clean up after the Chittauri Invasion has been handled by avengers and they are called to clear the trash of Chittauri’s.

And in this Process Adrian Toomes lays his hand on Alien tech which finally helps him to develop the vulture tech. What non Spidey Fans need to know here is that Vulture is One of most famous Nemesis that Spider Man has till date.

2. This Easter Egg is Strictly for the Spidey fans – The Classic Theme Song

Don’t try to pretend on this one, But how many can actually recall the original Spidey Theme Song that was created in 60s ? I guess a very few, but in this one you will see a theme song which is actually much closer to the original theme song.

The composition is by Michael Giacchino who also gave scores for Doctor Strange and also to let you know that he is the current favorite at Marvel.

Spider Man Homecoming – All the Easter Eggs

3. Captain America Is going Crazy

No, Not really. But this is a reference to Captain America Civil War, This part is filmed with perspective of Spidey and is shot on Peter Parker’s phone, this footage actually reveals the reason that why Spidey intervened in Civil War and how he was led to believe that Captain America was going crazy.

4. You will Miss Out Felicia Hardy completely if you don’t have a vulture’s eye.

When the audience enters the High School where Peter Parker is currently studying, you can notice a girl right behind Peter Parker in the Hall way.

This Girl has a Striking and white hair. Only the core comic fans will be able to guess that she is Felicia Hardy and at some point we might see her getting involved romantically with Spidey in upcoming marvel ventures.

5.  Spidey 3.0 has artificial webbings

When Peter is in his chemistry class you can’t help but notice a bottle containing the fluid which is suppose to create the web. The Bottles containing the solution are marked 3.0, so definitely this version of Spider Man uses artificial webbing and cannot naturally produce.

6. Yes Stan Lee is there

Stan Lee gets his cameo this time as well, he plays a man called Gary this time and you will see him shouting after Spidey mistakes a Man locked of his car for a thief.

7. The Shocker’s Outfit

Spider Man Homecoming – All the Easter Eggs

Don’t get too excited you don’t see the full shocker here at least not in the comic uniform. But there is weapon sale scene in the movie. Jackson Brie’s costume has same references  to that of the comics, you can easily notice a yellow diamond pattern as the quilt like costume from the comics. And later of you will see Herman Schultz wearing something very similar.

8. Weapons – The Big One

You will recall the Chittauris a Lot while watching this movie because there’s a lot of tech referenced to them. But this particular weapon sale scene shows a lot more than you can expect.

There’s a Gun which you have been used by Ultron Drones and Black Hole Grenades are also mentioned. ( The Black Hole Grenades were last seen in Thor – The Dark World , and were part of Dark Elf’s Arsenal.)

And if you remember Dark Elves actually had the climax fight with Thor in London so that completes the circle as to how the grenades landed here.

There are shocker gauntlets also which are modified versions of the ones we saw in Civil War being used by Crossbones.

9. Suit Lady

The AI inside Spidey’s suit is referred to as the Suit Lady and Karen, which is brought to Life by Jennifer Connolly ( Starred in  Labyrinth, Requiem for a Dream, A Beautiful Mind ). The reason that i am mentioning about her is because she is married to Paul Bettany who plays Vision and was also the voice behind Jarvis.

10. Avenger’s Tower Is Sold

This is a big reference to the comic books , while Tony had to Sell the Avenger’s Tower due to financial burden in Comics. Here it is sold because Avengers need an upgrade now.

The cargo which is shown during the transit actually deserves a pretty big mention.

  • Hulk Buster Armour From Age Of Ultron
  • Cap’s Iconic Prototype Shield
  • Thor’s magic Belt  which can double Thor’s Power when he yields it.

I can easily say that Avengers are all set to take on Thanos and gonna prepare more.

11. More Cargo – This time is is Looted By Vulture

Yes, Guys Vulture is hungry for more and more tech. But he is not a genius like Tony, So he actually dares to raid one of Planes that is shifting the cargo to new Avenger’s Facility and the cargo contains Iron Man Mark 42 Armour ( Iron Man 3 ), a lot of Chitauri rifles, Boxes of Arc reactors ( And Only Tony Can build them ), one of the earlier Iron Man Masks which you won’t be able to guess as which one is that because it uses the same colour scheme like his other masks.

12. Coney Island has More Mystery to it

The location of the climax is the famous Coney Island which is a Theme Park. You might have missed it in Civil War , it was mentioned by Bucky Barnes. And exactly the same event was referenced in the First Avenger.

Spider Man Homecoming – All the Easter Eggs

13. The Big One at Last – The Iron Spider

Towards the End Tony gifts a new uniform to Peter which is more metallic and shiney and its more like a armour. So when next Spidey Appears in continuation of the timeline he will be seen as Iron Spider atleast once. And I can’t help but guess that it is more preparation for Infinity War. Where All the Heroes will need an upgrade.

14. The Sinister Six

All those who are playing Marvel Future fight must have seen in the update that there’s a whole new Daily Mission for the Sinister 6, however they actually get space in the post credit scene when vulture finally lands in jail. And that too In a mention from Vulture ” I know the people who would Love to Kill Spider Man, They just need a name. ”

All the easter eggs that matter in the movie are mentioned above and i can’t help but guess that with every movie, Avengers are actually getting ready to take on Thanos.

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