Sila Solutions Founder Sahil Vora Talks About How Spending Time Playing Sports Helps Him Switch Off

Sahil Vora talks about how sports is an important part of his life and how it helps him.


Sila Solutions Founder Sahil: Mumbai based Sila Solutions Founder & MD Sahil Vora talks about having a balance between eating well, being active, and sleeping well.

Sleeping habits and keeping your body hydrated are very much underrated these days in maintaining a healthy body. But it can do wonders says Sahil Vora from his experience. Playing sports is one of the very important parts of my week.

I play various sports like squash, cricket, golf & football depending upon which season it is of the year he adds. If I am not playing sports I also attend a couple of gym and Bootcamp sessions to get me going.

Sila Solutions Founder Sahil: Diet

Talking about his diet Sahil Vora says he doesn’t follow a diet. They are not sustainable Sahil tells from his experience. I don’t eat a lot, portion control is something that I have worked upon over the years. This helps me playing my sports well and also helps me to rejuvenate.

Talking about keeping your mind sharp Sahil says that he eats the food as much as required this helps me keep focused throughout. I have seen people practicing intermittent fasting and having focus throughout the day he adds.

But spending time with my 15 months old son gives me all the happiness of the world and I cherish each and every moment of my life with him says, Sahil Vora.

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