Shree Lifetime Box Office Collection Report: India & Overseas

Shree was a Sci-Fi thriller. This article will make you aware of the movie collection and performance of the casts.


Shree Lifetime Box Office Collection Report: Shree was directed by Rajesh Bachchani, starring Hussain Kuwajerwala, Paresh Ganatra, Anjali Patil and Shivani Tanskale. It was released on 26 April 2013.

This was the story of Shree [played by actor Hussain Kuwajerwala]. Shree was a simple common man leaving his life peacefully and he was working in the telecom industry professionally. Shree falls head over heel in love with a girl named Sonu [played by actress Anjali Patil].

But Shree got betrayed by Randhawa [Rio Kapadia], who influenced Shree by offering Rs 20 lakhs.  Simple Shree accepts the condition in order to settle his life. In the end, he learnt that he deceived by Randhawa in the case of the murder of the commissioner of police.