Shahrukh Khan is the Biggest Star in The World: Bad Boys Franchise Directors Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah

A Huge endorsement coming from the directors of Bad Boys Franchise and they also back casting him if an Indian Remake is made for the franchise.


Shahrukh Khan earned a huge endorsement from directors of Bad Boys Franchise Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. The duo debuted in Hollywood with the Bad Boys For Life.

The director duo also went ahead to add that if Bad Boys franchise is ever remade in India Shahrukh Khan Should star in it. Further added that coming from Morocco they are huge fans of Shahrukh Khan.

When asked if they will be up for an Indian remake of Bad Boys Franchise, Adil Said, “If We get to make a film in India it would be an honour, to begin with since it’s the biggest movie industry in the world (in terms of a number of films produced every year). And since they originally belong to Morocco, people there are big fans of Bollywood Movies. And the biggest Superstar in the world for them is still Shahrukh Khan. So, We hope the Indian Director who decides to recreate bad boys franchise for India will cast Shahrukh Khan as the lead.”

He went onto add, “You have got to have him in the Bad Boys franchise Remake. In Bad Boys, the set art settings are very colourful which directly relates to Bollywood Films. It is exotic, So there are similarities in costumes and many other departments. But there should be a lot more use of music. It has to be more epic in action with a lot of music. I would be super excited to see an Indian Remake of Bad Boys and I will be behind the project.”

Bad Boys for Life, was the third installment of Long-Running Bad Boys franchise which stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as Cops having all the fun on screen. Also, the film remains the highest grosser of the year and it might remain so till the end of the year as big films are not slated to release anymore. Being a January release it came much before the COVID 19 pandemic hit the movie business.

Fortunately for the movie, it had completed it’s theatrical run In the USA before COVID 19 could take over the World. Rohit Shetty has expressed his desire to adapt the franchise for Indian screens during the release of the movie in January 2020. He also teased with a tentative star cast in his mind for the film. Which he did not disclose.

Shahrukh Khan is going through a rough patch but he might be back with some major announcements before the COVID 19 Pandemic ends.

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