Shahrukh Khan Doctorate Degree List Now Boasts of La Trobe

Shahrukh Khan got a rare honor in Melbourne with a Life Changing Opportunity for a female researched with an Aid of 200,000 AUD.


As Shahrukh Khan Doctorate Degree List Keeps growing he adds another feather and this time it is La Trobe University giving him a PHD degree for his Humanitarian Work.

The PHD Degree has been awarded to him for his work in uplifting life of Underprivileged Children and Empowering Women of India through his Meer Foundation. We have covered all his social and charity works in an article already.

With this Doctorate comes a Life changing opportunity for an Indian Female Researcher who will be aided with AUD 200,000 worth of scholarship for her higher studies.

The Meer Foundation run by Shahrukh Khan majorly works on Two Front i.e. Empowering Women and taking care of needy children with one of the focus areas being helping the acid attack survivors.

While Shahrukh Khan was a Little Bit for the event but the moment he entered the hall, it went Abuzz starting with a voice from the Crowd “Look It’s Shahrukh Khan, he is here” and then the love for the superstar exploded.

There were people of all age groups young guys, kids and parents who could walk inside and they came there to witness the presence of Superstar.

The audience while talking to media reported that it was chaos the moment Superstar walked in and the security did a fantastic job of managing the crowd.

As As Shahrukh Khan Doctorate Degree List grows on the fans are still waiting to hear the announcement of his next film and the with all the fanfare it seems like a lull before the storm finally arrives.

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