Shahrukh Khan and Netflix and A Zombie Drama Titled Betaal and More

An Interesting Plot Where a 200 year old British Indian Army Officer and His Zombie Army are having a Face Off With Indian Police.


Shahrukh Khan and Netflix are teaming up for a Zombie Drama Titled Betaal and will be categorized as a “Netflix Original”. This comes in wake of Netflix’s efforts to expand it’s market to India and Betaal is not the only one of the list.

There’s another Original series titled Mai with Anushka Sharma.

A Few Other Highlights On Big Netflix Plan For India.

  • They are pushing for regional language content
  • They are testing a mobile only plan priced at Rs. 250/month.

About Betaal: Red Chilies Entertainment has two upcoming series with Netflix now.

  1. Bard Of Blood starring Emraan Hashmi to be out on 27th September.
  2. And Recently Announced Bettal.

Total there are 5 new shows coming from Indian Producers on Netflix across genres like drama, horror, thriller and comedy.

Betaal Plot:

Based in a remote Village that is a battlefield between British Indian Army Officer Betaal and his battalion of zombies  vs the Indian Police. The highlight of this face off is gonna be a tight screenplay and some good graphics.

Betaal will be directed by Patrick Graham who had directed Radhika Apte starrer Ghoul.

The Other Projects:

  • “Mai” being produced by Anushka Sharma’s production house is a story of a 47 year old woman and the incidents which changes her life and pushes her into world of white collar crime and politics. Writer for this series are Atul Mongia, Tamal Sen and Amita Vyas.
  • “Masaba Masaba” will star Mother and Daughter Neena and Masaba Gupta which is based on Masaba’s life and her journey into diverse worlds of Fashion and Family.
  • “Bombay Begums” is a project by Lipstick Under Burkha Fame Director Alankrita Shrivastava and a story about 5 Women across generations and their travel through various aspects of Life.
  • “Messy” another project is about a stand up comic in Mumbai who struggles to balance her unusual profession with her personal Life.
  • Bard Of Blood is a Stylish Spy Thriller.


We wish the Indian producers all the best in their latest collaboration with the Digital Giant Netflix. And Also wishing Shahrukh Khan and Netflix a massive success for their two unusual series.


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