Saaho Trailer Reaction: A Blockbuster Sized Cinematic Experience

Saaho Trailer Dropped in a few hours back and Netizens cannot control their excitement.

Awesome Cinematic Experience


This trailer is trying to breach the benchmarks set for Indian Movies.

  • Production
  • Dialogues
  • VFX
  • Background Music
  • Thrills

In this special article ” Saaho Trailer Reaction “ we will decompose the trailer to the last bit and give a sincere reaction + review of the trailer.

Before we get into the Trailer Reaction & Review here’s the trailer for you.

Saaho Plot (From the Trailer)

A battle for ultimate power though a black box with events webbed across the globe. There’s a undercover Cop which by the impression seems like Prabhas but our experience tells us that thrillers are not made of simple stuff. A love story with paradox of Night and Day which means that it is full of difficulties. Powerful gangsters and one man against them to save the world from that one unruly dictator who will take the ultimate power from the black box.

Saaho Cast (Based on Trailer)

  • Prabhas as the Mystery guy
  • Shraddha Kapoor as a Cop Amritha Nair
The Baddies
  • Jackie Shroff as Roy
  • Neil Nitin Mukesh as Jai
  • Chunky Pandey As Devraj
  • Arun Vijay as Vishwank
  • Mahesh Manjrekar as Prince
  • Tinnu Anand As Prithviraj
Guys Supporting The Hero and the Heroines
  • Vennela Kishore as Goswami
  • Mulri Sharma as David
  • Prakash Belawadi as a Senior Cop
The Characters whose side we don’t know
  • Mandira Bedi as Kalki
  • Evelyn Sharma as jeenifer

And yes the film has a very special item number from Jacqueline Fernandez.

Saaho Trailer Reaction:

The opening sequence which starts with an modern artistic view of Mumbai and the voice over that there is a theft of 2000 crores in Mumbai and Police do not have any leads is good enough to take your excitement to next level. In the very next scene we see that police department is introspecting and trying to figure out way to crack this case and an undercover cop comes into the picture.

We Don’t see the face of that cop but the makers wants us to believe that it is Prabhas and the eyes of the person and walking style of the person showed as an intro resembles that of Saaho. But our experience tells us that things cannot be this simple and such a suspense cannot be revealed in the first trailer itself. And that takes the excitement to another level.

Now we get an introduction of this undercover cop which says that he is like a visual which comes before the smoking ads where visual are horrific but content is good and then we see a man being smashed into a railing and some more fight glimpses before we see Prabhas standing in a Lift moving up. Again at this point the makers want you to believe that Prabhas AKA Saaho is the man on a mission.

Shraddha Kapoor makes an entry in the very next scene by revealing her character which is that of Amritha Nair a Crime Branch Cop and she might look petite but she is tough and very good with guns as well. She is surely behind this mystery thief and she is trying to decry pt a plan.

Now the story takes deep turn as we see frames moving out of Mumbai and all the baddies mentioned above are behind a locker which opens with a single key and has a black box.  This black box seems to have some co-ordinates for a large amount of cash as we an see Neil Nitin Mukesh saying “If he gets it, he will be a Billionaire”.

After we see a trapped Prabhas with some Animal which seems like a Black Panther we hear him say that he is looking for romance and then he is with Shraddha Kapoor and we see some distrbuing visual and then there is a very power dialogue from Shraddha Kapoor ” Hamara Rishta Din aur Raat ki tarah hai, humen ek doosre ki jarurat to hai par ek saath reh nahin sakte.” This is a very subtle way to tell that both of them are other sides of the coin while Ms. Kapoor is a Cop and Prabhas belongs to a different league.

The trailer is focusing an effort which is trying to take Indian Cinema to a different league. A bigger and better league. Filled with powerful dialogues, terrific action sequences, awesome VFX and stunning back ground music and decorated with a huge Cast on both sides.

This film is bound to open to huge box office numbers and thankfully for Mission Mangal and Batla House this is not releasing on 15th August, 2019.

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