Saaho Movie Review: An accident which cannot be reconstructed.

Saaho Released in Theaters Worldwide on 30th August, 2019.

Glossy Body With No Soul

An Accident Which Cannot Be Reconstructed

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Saaho Released in theatres worldwide on 30th August 2019 and in this article, we will be talking about the Saaho Movie Review.

Saaho Movie Review: Plot

Difficult to recollect as so many stories try to run parallelly that you often tend to forget what is the actual subject of the movie.

But the best that my memory can recall it is about an Undercover Inspector trying to catch a thieve who has robbed 2000 crores already and how the story merges with an underworld empire trying to go clean and do good for humanity.

Please don’t be confused because this is the actual plot.

Saaho Movie Review: Screenplay Analysis

More than a movie it was an experience. An experience where you are witnessing multiple stories all with loopholes and somewhere they are trying to come together. Saaho indeed is many films combined into one.

Right from Dhoom series to KGF to some of the Marvel movies screenplay writers draw heavy inspiration and work hard to give you this accidental experience which can never be recreated.

The screenplay is full of loopholes, for example, Jackie Shroff who is a Don and also a CEO of a company who wants to do something good for the world (You come to know about it right in the end), dies in an accident and then his son sets out to take revenge but in less than 3 weeks he successfully establishes an insider into the police department who can influence a big police officer.

Saaho plot and screenplay if full of errors like this.

The job of the screenplay is to keep the audience connected to the plot but here you have 3 maybe 4 or 5 plots running simultaneously and they leave you confused as to what is happening.

The role played by Shardhaa Kapoor seems like it was force-fitted to have a big heroine from the Hindi belts and that completely wastes around 45 minutes of this film. A love angle is force-fitted with some songs which keep on hampering the flow of the story and there’s no stop to this till the very end.

If this was a police case then probably forensics expert would take 7 lifetimes to understand what actually happened.

Just imagine a group of police officers with hi-tech gadgets and with Man who can fly and two trucks which have rampaged a complete city. These police officers clap like a school kid when they are able to take down one of these trucks, these type of things simply look childish.

Saaho Movie Review: Music

There are 4 songs in all and all of them come at crucial points.

Psyco Saiyaan was force-fitted to give more appeal to the film but that is force-fitted into a situation where a team of cops is trying to catch a thief and they somehow make time for this dance number.

The other chartbuster Bad Boy just hits you after the interval where you really want to know what happens next and this song is again force-fitted between interval and an action sequence.

This movie could do with one or no songs at all. The perception that dance numbers are important and romantic songs are important for a film to work at all India level is not true. Even if this is relevant then you cannot put an overdose of these type of songs at important junctures.

Saaho Movie Review: Direction

You really have to be a psychic to understand why the director of this film Sujeeth did what he did. He had the budget at his disposal, he had a mammoth star cast at his disposal and he had everything going right. Prabhas has developed a huge fan following across India and that’s the reason the film opened to 42% in the morning shows.

But the guy messes it up big time under pressure of a big film or was it the pressure from the producers to force-fit everything into one. But the film will go on the profile of Sujeeth as a director and if it could have worked then he would be in demand as India needs directors who can direct big films successfully.

Saaho Movie Review: Action and VFX

The movie is one big action collage from start to end and that works in its favors because there’s a big set of audience who will just go to watch these action sequences and will ignore the loopholes and other parts of the movie.

But VFX of the film is very bad for this budget but again this same section of the audience does not care about the technicalities.

Saaho Movie Review: Performances

Prabhas has a strong personality and a huge appeal across India and the man carries the shoulder on his films but in the Hindi version, his dubbing looks drunk. If that was intentional than that limits his PAN India presence because we have seen in many past Prabhas films that his dubbing otherwise has been great which was by other artistes. It does get you a novelty, and there is a chance that this novelty in the voice of the lead actor might work. If it works then good for the film however most of the city audience will find it a hurdle while watching this film.

Shraddha Kapoor flows with the role and enacts her part with perfection, however, we cannot comment on the other language versions of the movie.

Murali Vijay gets prominent screen time and a central character as David and main accomplice of Saaho. And he plays his role perfectly.

Jackie Shroff as Roy was supposed to the central point of the film or at least his character as the whole movie is based on his chair and his vision. But he dies in the very first frames and his vision is something which if left till the very end.

Arun Vijay as Vishwank makes an impact in his entry scenes but falls prey to a weak screenplay and characterization in the later parts.

Prakash Belawadi as a Senior Cop Shinde Enacts his role with perfection. While Evelyn Sharma plays a role with no importance and no focus on the character like in one frame you can see her hair tied up and that tie opens up in the very next frame.

Chunky Pandey enacts a very important role as Devraj and does complete justice to the role. Mandira Bedi as Kalki has a good role till the first half but towards the end you see her character losing shine.

Mahesh Manjrekar as Prince fails to create any impact, whatsoever and Tinnu Anand as Prithvi Raj and the kingmaker of the film gets a heavy opening sequence and later falls down prey to a poor screenplay.

Saaho Movie Review: Final Word

There will be a set of Audience who will go for this movie on the first weekend but for the majority of the Audience If you are not a Prabhas fan, there’s a lot for you yet nothing. As the film has scale, visuals, action and everything else but fails to keep you intact and connected to the story.

There are high chances that a Web Series or a free film you Youtube will give you more fun and entertainment. If you cannot handle “Leave Your Brains at Home” approach then this film is not for you. As the makers of this film want you to enjoy the grand scheme of things without actually any soul in the movie.

Overall it’s a missed golden opportunity for everyone associated with the movie.

Note: This Movie Review is not based on fiction the writer actually went through all of this.

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