Saaho First Week (All Languages) Box Office Collection Report: Huge Collections and Big Drop.

Saaho had an excellent first week in terms of overall collections but the drops are worrisome and film is still far away from recoveries.


Saaho First Week (All Languages): The film collected in a Humongous manner but the trends are not encouraging as the drops are steep.

While this article might give you an ironical feel. Even after collecting a huge and surpassing lifetime of many blockbusters in week 1, how is it possible that film is facing rough weathers at the box office.

No one can debate that collections are not good enough but at the same time, there are two more facts which are working against the films.

  1. Negative Trends
  2. Huge costs associated with the recovery.

In one of our earlier articles, we had shared the pre-release earnings of Saaho which talkes about various distribution prices. While till date we don’t have a confirmation for those reports but even if they are true even with an error of say 20% then Saaho in Hindi alone needs to earn 150 crores to be a Safe Box Office bet as the film has been sold for 70 crores.

The All India distribution cost according to our article is 248 crores, even if we give an advantage of 20% error, still Saaho needs to earn more than 400 crores to be a safe bet at the box office.

Now despite collecting huge the film has faced a steep drop in Weekdays.

With Hindi Dropping from 51.83% (Monday, 35.92% (Tuesday), 24.18% (Wednesday) and 5.8% (Thursday). The other version which is collecting decent is the Telugu version which dropped over the weekend itself and then in weekdays again it went through a steep drop of 20.95%(Monday), 70% (Tuesday), 16.67% (Wednesday) and 17.4% (Thursday).

Saaho First Week (All Languages) Box Office Collection Report:

DayDateHindiTamilTeluguMalyalamTotalDrop / Increase
Day 1Friday, August 30, 2019INR 24.40INR 3.20INR 60.40INR 1.00INR 89.00NA
Day 2Saturday, August 31, 2019INR 25.20INR 2.20INR 27.10INR 0.60INR 55.10-38.09%
Day 3Sunday, September 1, 2019INR 29.48INR 1.60INR 25.30INR 0.40INR 56.783.05%
Day 4Monday, September 2, 2019INR 14.20INR 0.80INR 20.00INR 0.20INR 35.20-38.01%
Day 5Tuesday, September 3, 2019INR 9.10INR 0.40INR 6.00INR 0.10INR 15.60-55.68%
Day 6Wednesday, September 4, 2019INR 6.90INR 0.30INR 5.00INR 0.08INR 12.28-21.28%
Day 7Thursday, September 5, 2019INR 6.50INR 0.20INR 4.13INR 0.06INR 10.89-11.32%
Day 8Friday, September 6, 2019INR 3.75INR 0.12INR 1.85INR 0.03INR 5.75-47.20%
Day 9Saturday, September 7, 2019INR 4.60INR 0.15INR 2.80INR 0.05INR 7.6032.17%
Day 10Sunday, September 8, 2019INR 6.60INR 0.18INR 3.75INR 0.07INR 10.6039.47%
Day 11Monday, September 9, 2019INR 1.80INR 0.08INR 1.08INR 0.05INR 3.01-71.60%
TotalINR 132.53INR 9.23INR 157.41INR 2.64INR 301.81


After Week 1 Saaho has collected 274.85 crores with 115.78 crores coming from Hindi and 147.83 crores coming from Telugu. And Right now Hindi version is collecting more than Telegu while both Tamil and Malayalam are minuscule.

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