Saaho 5th Day (Tuesday) Box Office Collection Report (Hindi): Big Fall

Saaho is facing a big drop at the box office on it's 5th day in the Hindi Belts. This sector was the best trending market till now.


Saaho 5th Day (Tuesday): The film is standing on troubled waters on its 5th day. Although the film has collected big but the recoveries attached to the film are even bigger.

As per our earlier article on Saaho Pre-release earnings, the film was sold at a very high cost. Apart from Hindi Belts, the film is sold at a record cost of 178 crores to the Distributors and in Hindi Belts, the rights have been sold at 70 crores.

Which means a total cost of Rs. 248 crores, if these figures are true (Not Confirmed By the producer) then the film needs around 520 crores Nett to be an average grosser and in Hindi Alone the film needs to collect over 150 crores to be an average fare.

As per this report, the producers are already in the profit zone but when a film is sold to Distributors then whether the Distributors are able to make money or not decides the standing of the film.

The other versions of the film apart from Hindi were already losing steam from the second day itself and Hindi belts were showing a good trend which has come down on it’s first Tuesday.

As per early estimates, Saaho has collected 101.17 crores in the Hindi version with 3.28% (Saturday), 16.98%(Sunday), -51.83% (Monday) and -44.44% (Tuesday).

The highest-earning version is the Telugu version of the film till now and maximum collections came from the opening day after that film trended with -55.13% (Saturday), -6.64% (Sunday) and -20.95% (Monday) and has collected 132.8 Crores till Monday.

the Other versions Tamil And Malayalam have collected not even 10 crores till now with Tamil at 7.8 crores and Malayam at 2.2 crores till Monday evening and trends are declining daily just like the Telugu version. You can check out all version collections of Saaho here.

Saaho 5th Day (Tuesday) Box Office Collection Report (Hindi):

Date Collections Growth/Drop
Friday, August 23, 2019 INR 24.40  N.A.
Saturday, August 24, 2019 INR 25.20 3.28%
Sunday, August 25, 2019 INR 29.48 16.98%
Monday, August 26, 2019 INR 14.20 -51.83%
Tuesday, August 27, 2019 INR 7.89 -44.44%
Total INR 101.17


Note: Tuesday Collections are early estimates.

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