Saaho 4th Day (Monday) Box Office Collection Report: Strong Across India

Saaho needs to hold good in weekdays in order to pass the box office test as the recoveries associated are huge.


Saaho 4th Day (Monday): It has taken a strong start all across the country however the cities are performing far better and smaller centers are losing the hold but still on good levels.

Saaho needs to pass the Monday Litmus Test, the first weekend has been huge for the film across the globe. The film dropped by 38.09% on Saturday after taking a mammoth box office start and growth on Sunday was around 3%.

However, In Hindi language, Saaho showed 3.28% growth on Saturday and 16.98% growth on Sunday taking the Hindi total to 79.08 crores. However the story in other languages is just the opposite.

In Tamil, the film collected 7 crores with 31.35% drop on Saturday and 27.27% drop on Sunday. In Telugu, the story is not different. The film amassed a massive 112.80 crores for which more than 65% collection came from opening day and Drop on Saturday was a huge 55.13% and another 6.64% on Sunday. IN Malayalam, the film collected 2 crores with a drop of 40% on Saturday and 33.33% on Sunday.

Saaho 4th Day (Monday): Benchmarks

Saaho might have performed excellently well in the first weekend but the film needs to hold strongly at the box office. Again today is a holiday due to Ganesh Chaturthi in Entire Maharashtra including Mumbai and some other centers so a push will come from this and actual levels will be known tomorrow.

Still, if it was a working day then The Below Scenario was the benchmark for the film.

Saaho 4th Day (Monday): Benchmarks (Hindi)
Collections Reading
<10 Crores Poor WOM
10-12 Crores Average WOM
12+ Crores Good WOM
14+ crores Excellent WOM


Saaho 4th Day (Monday): Benchmarks (All Languages)
Collections Reading
<25 Crores Poor WOM
35-30 Crores Average WOM
30-35 Crores Good WOM
35+ crores Excellent WOM


Incidentally, Baahubali 2 which is the highest grosser in India and Saaho is following it in the first weekend had similar trends in the Initial weekend.

After opening at 121 crores the film dropped to 90 crores on its second day due to Telegu version falling by 40% and the film again picked up on Sunday due to similar growth in Hindi collections.

On it’s 4th day which was a Monday Baahubali 2 had raked in 80 crores with 40.25 crores coming from Hindi, 8 crores coming from Tamil, 27.75 crores coming from Telegu and Malayalam contributed another 4 crores. However, that was Labour Day in India and hence collections did not drop much.

Again Saaho gets an advantage from the Holiday but it’s not on all India level. On its 5th Day also Baahubali 2 had collected 59 crores where Hindi was at 30 crores, Tamil at 6 crores, Telegu at 20 crores and Malayalam at 3 crores.

Saaho 4th Day (Monday) Box Office Collection: Occupancy

Time Slot4th Day (Monday)3rd Day (Sunday)2nd Day (Saturday)1st Day (Friday)
Early Morning30%52%41%40%
Early After Noon42%65%52%50%
Afternoon Shows46%71%57%55%
Early Evening Shows51%75%70%68%
Evening Shows80%72%70%
Night Shows65%74%72%
Late Night Shows48%77%75%


However, until now Saaho is facing a drop in the range of around 50% already and Night shows will fall further because of a complete working day tomorrow. Even with the Holiday Boost if Saaho can match up the benchmarks then it will be good news for everyone.

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