Saaho 3rd Day (Sunday) Box Office Collection Report: Gigantic Levels

Saaho is trending extremely well today at the box office with countless houseful shows already reported across India.


Saaho 3rd Day (Sunday): Saaho has taken huge leaps today at the Indian Box Office and many housefull shows are reported across the country.

Faced with critic’s backlash it was expected to show some kind of slow down but Prabhas coming in a larger than life action thriller is unstoppable till now.

Saaho has already collected 49.6 crores till now in the Hindi belts alone and the film is chasing a 30 crore mark today. While it is almost sure that film will cross 75 crores today but the rise in occupancy also says that it might actually target for an 80 crore weekend.

Also, tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi and Maharashtra is having a Holiday with some other geographies which will also boost the collections tomorrow, so a normal day level will only be available us on Tuesday.

Since morning today, Saaho is on absolute fire as the film opened to packed houses which simply grew to insance levels by 2 PM shows and countless houfefull shows are being reported across the country.

Tuesday will be very crucial for the film as it is riding on a very high budget and recoveries are even bigger. Saaho needs to maintain the momentum in the weekdays in order to be a money grosser.

Saaho 3rd Day (Sunday) Box Office Collection Report: Occupancy

Time Slot4th Day (Monday)3rd Day (Sunday)2nd Day (Saturday)1st Day (Friday)
Early Morning30%52%41%40%
Early After Noon42%65%52%50%
Afternoon Shows46%71%57%55%
Early Evening Shows51%75%70%68%
Evening Shows80%72%70%
Night Shows65%74%72%
Late Night Shows48%77%75%


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