Saaho 2nd Day (Saturday) Box Office Collection Report: Outstanding

Saaho is trending extremely well in the Hindi belts and film seems unstoppable in the first weekend.


Saaho 2nd Day (Saturday): Prabhas is a PAN India Superstar and Saaho is a testimony to that. As despite bad reviews the audience continues to flock the theatres.

This again goes onto to prove that big films with enough action and thrills have the highest demand at the Indian Box Office Right now. And as we keep on repeating this entire Bollywood needs to take a cue from that.

If we think about the biggest openings in recent times on a PAN India level they will be Baahubali 2, Robot 2, Bharat Avengers Endgame and now Saaho.

The problem with the Bollywood right now is they take big cast put big-budget into it and forget about the screenplay which in result gives us films like Thugs Of Hindostan which take huge openings during the first weekend and then go down the drain at the Box Office.

After failure of these type of films, a large section of producers gets demotivated as the risks are huge.

Nevertheless, Saaho has trended extremely well till now and after opening to packed houses the film was still able to put the growth of 3% in the Hindi belts.

Right now Saaho is headed towards a 75 crore weekend from the Hindi belts alone. While the All India Collections might be more than 200 crores for the first weekend.

Saaho 2nd Day (Saturday) Box Office Collection Report: Occupancy

Time Slot4th Day (Monday)3rd Day (Sunday)2nd Day (Saturday)1st Day (Friday)
Early Morning30%52%41%40%
Early After Noon42%65%52%50%
Afternoon Shows46%71%57%55%
Early Evening Shows51%75%70%68%
Evening Shows80%72%70%
Night Shows65%74%72%
Late Night Shows48%77%75%


Saaho 2nd Day (Saturday) Box Office Collection Report:

DayDateHindiTamilTeluguMalyalamTotalDrop / Increase
Day 1Friday, August 30, 2019INR 24.40INR 3.20INR 60.40INR 1.00INR 89.00NA
Day 2Saturday, August 31, 2019INR 25.20INR 2.20INR 27.10INR 0.60INR 55.10-38.09%
Day 3Sunday, September 1, 2019INR 29.48INR 1.60INR 25.30INR 0.40INR 56.783.05%
Day 4Monday, September 2, 2019INR 14.20INR 0.80INR 20.00INR 0.20INR 35.20-38.01%
Day 5Tuesday, September 3, 2019INR 9.10INR 0.40INR 6.00INR 0.10INR 15.60-55.68%
Day 6Wednesday, September 4, 2019INR 6.90INR 0.30INR 5.00INR 0.08INR 12.28-21.28%
Day 7Thursday, September 5, 2019INR 6.50INR 0.20INR 4.13INR 0.06INR 10.89-11.32%
Day 8Friday, September 6, 2019INR 3.75INR 0.12INR 1.85INR 0.03INR 5.75-47.20%
Day 9Saturday, September 7, 2019INR 4.60INR 0.15INR 2.80INR 0.05INR 7.6032.17%
Day 10Sunday, September 8, 2019INR 6.60INR 0.18INR 3.75INR 0.07INR 10.6039.47%
Day 11Monday, September 9, 2019INR 1.80INR 0.08INR 1.08INR 0.05INR 3.01-71.60%
TotalINR 132.53INR 9.23INR 157.41INR 2.64INR 301.81


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