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Saaho 1st Day (Friday) Box Office Collection Report: Gigantic Trends

Saaho opened to about 42% occupancy in Hindi belts and opening in southern belts was more than 65% reaching 90% at many places in the morning shows itself.


Saaho 1st Day (Friday): The film has performed superbly on its day 1 at the entire Indian Box office, the film had issues with prints reaching late at many places especially down North and even in places like Delhi NCR which affected the 1st Day collection in Hindi belts.

Saaho carries a huge budget and huge recoveries are to be made. While reviews might have come negative for the film including my review as well. But these type of movies can often prove to be critic-proof.

Critics pay a lot of attention to details while the audience might or might not pay attention to these details, at the end of the day they want a paisa wasool for the hard-earned money they put into tickets and popcorn combos at the theatres, hence their judgment is the final word.

Despite getting negative reviews the film is having exceptional booking trends for Saturday and Sunday and Monday is again a big holiday in places like Maharashtra which will again boost the Monday collections.

Also, we track only the Hindi belts as of now and the data for other belts is a third party data for which we don’t take responsibility to be accurate.

While the official producer’s figures are still awaited but according to our reading Saaho has collected a phenomenal 24.4 crores on its first day and for the other circuit collections we spoke an expert from that belt and his estimates first day are as below.

  • Nizam – 11.98 Crores
  • AP – 38.01 Crores

Which means a Total of 74.4 crores from these 3 belts Hindi (24.4) + Nizam (11.98) + AP (38.01).

Karnataka and TNK should easily add another 25-26 crores to the overall total which means the 1st-day collection of about 100 crores. Which also means that if Film can survive the reviews then the film will be standing at 350 crores by the end of Sunday and Monday Holiday will again give the film a major boost in key geographies like Maharashtra.

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