Saaho 11th Day (2nd Monday) Box Office Collection Report: Decent Hold Over Weekend

Saaho faces drop on second Monday but levels are still big due to a weekend surge.


Saaho 11th Day (2nd Monday): The film is facing drop but the collections are still at high levels. Recoveries at this stage do not seem possible apart from the Hindi version.

On it’s 2nd Friday Saaho collected 3.75 crores which is almost 1/8th of the first Friday collections in Hindi and overall collections were 5.75 crores which are lower than 1/10th of the overall collections.

Saaho carries a Huge Cost and apart from Hindi, it does not seem that the film will break even in any other language and distributors will indeed incur huge losses.

Saaho 11th Day (2nd Monday) Box Office Collection Report: (Hindi)

After opening the Friday with 3.75 crores the film went onto grow by 22.67% (Saturday), 43.48% (Sunday) and Dropped by 72.73% over Sunday.

Saaho 11th Day (2nd Monday) Box Office Collection Report: (All Languages)

After opening the Friday with 5.75 crores the film went onto grow by 32.17%(Saturday), 39.47% (Sunday) and then dropped by 71.90% on Monday.

Saaho 11th Day (2nd Monday) Box Office Collection Report

DayDateHindiTamilTeluguMalyalamTotalDrop / Increase
Day 1Friday, August 30, 2019INR 24.40INR 3.20INR 60.40INR 1.00INR 89.00NA
Day 2Saturday, August 31, 2019INR 25.20INR 2.20INR 27.10INR 0.60INR 55.10-38.09%
Day 3Sunday, September 1, 2019INR 29.48INR 1.60INR 25.30INR 0.40INR 56.783.05%
Day 4Monday, September 2, 2019INR 14.20INR 0.80INR 20.00INR 0.20INR 35.20-38.01%
Day 5Tuesday, September 3, 2019INR 9.10INR 0.40INR 6.00INR 0.10INR 15.60-55.68%
Day 6Wednesday, September 4, 2019INR 6.90INR 0.30INR 5.00INR 0.08INR 12.28-21.28%
Day 7Thursday, September 5, 2019INR 6.50INR 0.20INR 4.13INR 0.06INR 10.89-11.32%
Day 8Friday, September 6, 2019INR 3.75INR 0.12INR 1.85INR 0.03INR 5.75-47.20%
Day 9Saturday, September 7, 2019INR 4.60INR 0.15INR 2.80INR 0.05INR 7.6032.17%
Day 10Sunday, September 8, 2019INR 6.60INR 0.18INR 3.75INR 0.07INR 10.6039.47%
Day 11Monday, September 9, 2019INR 1.80INR 0.08INR 1.08INR 0.05INR 3.01-71.60%
TotalINR 132.53INR 9.23INR 157.41INR 2.64INR 301.81

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