Roohi Hit or Flop: Budget, Economics & Prediction

Roohi Hit or Flop: What do you expect from a follow up of a Blockbuster like Stree ?


Roohi Hit or Flop: What do you expect from a follow up of a Blockbuster like Stree ? In normal times this would have been absolute fireworks at the box office but we are living in different times post Covid 19 disturbed the world as we knew it and even the top notch trade analysts are not able to put a finger on the audience nerve this time.

Roohi is a significant release for Bollywood as many producers are waiting for the audience response to this one. But my sincere advice to those film makers is Do not judge the audience sentiment by initial few days of Roohi, because the film went low on marketing and promotions and a shocking 71% people did not know about that a film like this exists. We had 8000 respondents to this survey who were all frequent moviegoers before Covid 19 happened.

Roohi Hit or Flop: Budget & Economics:

ParameterAmount (In Crores)
Cost Of Production (Not Confirmed by producers, based on estimates)₹35.00
Cost Of Marketing₹5.00
Roohi Landing Cost₹40.00
Recoveries From Satellite, Music, Digital & Overseas Rights₹12.00
Street Dancer 3D Pre Release Recoveries₹12.00
Profit/Loss Of Producers Before Release-₹28.00


Producers have not released nor confirmed any of the above figures, these are based on our market sources and estimates. But we strongly believe that a 25-30 crore recovery is pending for the recovery which should ideally come from the theatrical business.

The film is produced by Maddock Films and Jio Studios and is being distributed by Jio Studios.

Roohi Hit or Flop: Prediction

As per our latest estimates there are only less than 4000 screens operational in India post Covid 19. Even some properties of National Chains like Inox have not recovered. In this scenario, there’s a 50% cap on seating.

Factors working against Roohi:

  • Lesser Cinemas present at disposal right now.
  • 50% occupancy Cap
  • Fear of Covid 19
  • Fall our of Family audience due to Covid 19 and seating arrangements due to seating cap
  • Film has not been marketed well
  • The music of the film has failed to create any impact

Factors which might work for Roohi:

  • The cast includes Pankaj Tripathi who is the X factor and he has not been used in the promos till now. His role and screen time might give a boost to the film.
  • The genre – Horror Comedy was very popular in the old world pre Covid.
  • Rajkumar Rao, Varun Sharma and Jhanvi Kapoor have got their distinct fan bases.
  • The youth of the country is bored right now and they are looking for outlets of their boredom, if Roohi fits the bill and gets decent word of mouth then they might patronise the movies in large chunks. (Although Family audience will not come out in large numbers).

We will not be putting any number to hit and flop this time, because it’s a brave move by the team to release Roohi at this juncture when big producers are shying away. We will just say that if Roohi Collects 40 Crores at the box office, its as good as a old world Blockbuster.

Roohi Box Office Prediction:

Roohi has a lot of factor going against it as mentioned above. The film needs a reception like stree and ample of comedy sewed with a fast screenplay to have some hope at the box office. And even after that it will need a decent share of luck for the film to be a safe bet.

DayExcellent WOMGood WOMAverage WOMBad WOM
Day 11.5 Cr1.4 Cr1.35 Cr1.25 Cr
Day 21.75 Cr1.5 Cr1.2 Cr0.6 Cr
Day 32 Cr1.75 Cr1.35 Cr0.4 Cr
Day 42.25 Cr1.9 Cr1.4 CR0.2 Cr
First Weekend7.5 Cr6.55 Cr5.3 Cr2.45 Cr
Lifetime65 Cr40 Cr15 CrLess than 7 Cr


Hey wait, what kind of absurd calculation is that ? Were you high when you were writing this ? Have you lost you marbles man ?

No, but the post Covid world is gonna look more like this where films with excellent word of mouth will go a long way and perform better in second and third week than the opening week. In our detailed survey done across 1200 centres and 35000 people we have understood one thing that people will come out to watch good movies but not unless they are very sure of the content.

And most importantly they are gonna wait how Covid does not or spreads in theatres, so yes the above calculations might look absurd to you but this is how its gonna work.

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