Roohi Day 2 Collection: Holds well on it’s first working day

Roohi Day 2 Collection: Roohi has surpassed almost all the box office expectations


Roohi Day 2 Collection: Roohi has surpassed almost all the box office expectations posed by the uncertainty of the pandemic and unread audience sentiment.

The film faced a drop of 26.47% at the box office from it’s first day and generally a Holiday to working day drop was 30-35% before pandemic arrived. Which till now means that film is sustaining well at the box office despise poor Roohi Movie Reviews.

This goes onto to signal two things either the film has been accepted well at the box office or the audience is really willing to come out in search of entertainment. It can be either one of the factors or one of them.

More than the collections, Roohi has earned a place in history of Bollywood irrespective of the Box Office Business that it does. Its the first film at Indian ticket counters in Hindi belt which is bringing out the audience in large numbers to the theatres and giving confidence to other film makers that things can be right very if producers and theatres show the unity and take the right risks at this time.

Roohi Day 2 Collection:

DayDateCollections (in INR Crores)Growth
Day 1Thursday, March 11, 20213.05N.A.
Day 2Friday, March 12, 20212.25-26.23%
Day 3Saturday, March 13, 20213.451.11%
Day 4Sunday, March 14, 20213.8513.24%
Day 5Monday, March 15, 20211.35-64.94%
Day 6Tuesday, March 16, 20211.25-7.41%
Day 7Wednesday, March 17, 20211.2-4.00%
Day 8Thursday, March 18, 20211-16.67%
Day 9Friday, March 19, 20210.7-30.00%
We has already published these figures last night via our twitter before anyone else could even judge the range.

A Special Note:

Irrespective of the  box office performance of the movie the producers and investors of the movie deserve nothing less than a salute.

Even big producers of films like Sooryavanshi were waiting for someone to take the bait at the box office and see where things go. There is a huge money involved in the film making process and everyone in the industry knows that it was looking impossible till 2 PM shows on the first day of Roohi.

The producers and investors not only went forward taking a blind risk on their investment and it is paying handsomely to them till now. The first weekend collections at this moment can very well touch a 10-12 crores benchmark which looks extremely encouraging considering the factors it is released in.

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