Exclusive: Radhe Box Office Collection: Online and Theatrical Business

Radhe Box Office Collection: Many narratives, many dimensions but what are the real figures behind the  high profile PR that we have seen in last month.


Radhe Box Office Collection: Many narratives, many dimensions but what are the real figures behind the high profile PR that we have seen in last month.

Radhe releases on Zee5 on 13th May, 2021 and also marked the celebration of EID. Since then there has been absolute confusion on the deal size and the recoveries made by the film. We will first start with the economics of the film and then deep delve into the performance.

Radhe Box Office Collection: Economics

Please note these have been tough times for entire film industry and both Radhe Producers and Zee team tried their best in the most brave fashion to tide the negatives of the economy. While we acknowledge their efforts and the risk that they have taken, but we are in the business of reporting the facts and we will continue to do so.

Radhe fetched Rs. 180 crores for all rights and this included two more films (Kaagaz and Antim – The Final Truth). This was the bare minimum cost and we have to add the promotion cost over this which is easily 10-15 Crores taking the cost to Rs. 190.195 Crores.

Out of this the major chunk was towards Streaming Video on Demand and Satellite Rights which was around Rs. 150 Crores and rest was left for Premium Video on Demand, Overseas Theatrical, Music and some other small headers.

The cost of production for Radhe was Rs. 90 Crores which means that the makers have made a table profit of around Rs. 100 crores.

It was a profitable venture for the Producers of the film but did the company who bought the rights were also in Profit ?

Radhe Box Office Collection: Theatrical Business

The theatrical business has just been a shadow of what its actual potential due to Covid-19 Lockdowns and fear in the hearts of audience.

Radhe Box Office Collection: India Summary
Opening DayRs.0.001 cr.
End of Opening WeekendRs. 0.006 cr.
Lifetime CollectionRs. 0.006 cr.


Radhe Box Office Collection: Day Wise Box Office Collection
Day 1Rs. 0.001 cr.
Day 2 Rs. 0.002 cr.
Day 3 Rs. 0.001 cr.
Day 4 Rs. 0.001 cr.


Radhe Box Office Collection: Overseas
ScheduleAmount (in mil. USD)
Opening Day0.58
Opening Weekend1.98
Week 12.3
Total Overseas Gross2.5


Radhe Box Office Collection: Worldwide Gross
India box office Nett cr. Rs. 0.006 cr
India box office Gross cr. Rs. 0.01 cr
Overseas Gross cr. Rs. 18.27 cr
Worldwide collections Gross cr. Rs. 18.28 cr


Radhe Box Office Collection: Online Impact

Zee definitely saw a huge rise in their traffic and their overall visits increases by 43.12% in month of May and the majority of this impact has to be attributed to Radhe.

MonthTraffic% Change
Dec-20                      23,100,000N.A.
Jan-21                      21,900,000-5.19%
Feb-21                      18,400,000-15.98%
Mar-21                      22,100,00020.11%
Apr-21                      21,800,000-1.36%
May-21                      31,200,00043.12%


This traffic was not limited to India alone, the top 5 countries which contributed to this growth are as below.

  1. India – 82.12% (+45.66%)
  2. Bangladesh – 2.19% (-21.55%)
  3. Pakistan – 2.17% (+22.55%)
  4. United Kingdom – 2.1% (+48.12%)
  5. United States – 2% (+101.6%)

Before we come into the monetization part its important for us to see the impact of Radhe on Zee 5 rankings.

While Zee5 saw a growth of 43.12% in their traffic on web platforms but the ranks were unaltered due to a large gap between them and like of Netflix and Prime Videos but it helped them overtake a few smaller players.

In December 2020 Netflix ranked 1 followed by Amazon Prime and Disney Hotstar. The position 4,5,6 and 7 were filled by Voot Select, Sony Live, Zee 5 and Alt Balaji Respectively.

In January 2021 The Ranks Remain Unchanged with Zee5 still at Rank 6. In February 2021 Zee 5 moved up 1 spot overtaking Sony Liv while rest of the spots remain unchanged and story was same in March 2021.

In April 2021 Zee 5 had overtaken everyone else barring Netflix, Prime Videos and Disney+ Hotstar and claimed rank 4 and the story was same in May 2021 while Zee 5 added more than 9 million views to their kitty largely owing to Radhe but the Gap between Zee and the Top 3 players is way too big.

Disney + Hotstar170,500,000180,000,000204,000,000236,500,00314,000,000241,000,000
Amazon Prime231,000,000233,500,000198,500,000200,500,000216,000,000231,500,000
Voot Select32,500,00031,800,00023,400,00022,100,00018,700,00018,600,000
Sony LIV26,100,00022,200,00014,300,00014,000,00015,900,00017,300,000
ALT Balaji1,500,0001,450,0001,200,0001,200,0001,150,0001,650,000

Radhe Box Office Collection:

Please note that these numbers are not given to us by Zee 5 or the producers of the film, although we have requested for the same. In absence of any figures from them we have to depend on our estimates backed by the data.

Zee 5 saw an increase of 9.4 million views on their pages at zee5.com. Please note a user when subscribes to an OTT services makes about 15-20 minimum visits to the website or the mobile app in that particular month. Even if we take the lowest possible numbers ay at 10-11, even in that case Zee 5 has not added more than a million subscribers due to Radhe. The overall earning are way less than 35-40 crores.

According to our estimated Radhe earned around 10-12 crores in it’s first week and this is taking in consideration the existing subscribers of Zee5. The lifetime collections of Radhe are less than 40 crores.

There are definitely other benefits for Zee 5 as it takes their overall paid subscribers to around 5 millions while the likes of Amazon, Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar are already at 10 million+.

Final Words: While it was a brave move by the Studio and the producers to take the OTT route with Premium Video on Demand and Streming Video on Demand, but it’s a long way for films before it becomes a big business and can actually get commercial ROIs.

Zee saw a massive increase in their iOS and Android Ranks which further multiplies their valuation and from that perspective it’s a winner’s move. But if we use the traditional matrix of calculating the ROI of a movie on a project basis with no long term view than Zee lost more than a 100 Crores in this deal.

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