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PM Narendra Modi Review: Average Ratings by Critics


PM Narendra Modi Review: While the nation is still jubilant about the tectonic victory of BJP led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and today there’s a movie released on him starring Vivek Oberoi. Here’s average rating of the important movie critics with their final comments.

  • Total Review – 13
  • Average Rating – 1.96 ( Rounded off to 2 )

PM Narendra Modi Review:

Sr No Reviewer Rating ( Out of 5 ) Final Words
1 Bollywood Bubble 1 You can watch it if you are a true blue Modi fan, but if you are looking for Entertainment, you’ll be disappointed.
2 Deccan Chronicle 1.5 Given how obsessed we are with politics, we deserve better films about the topic. Sadly, Bollywood has never been great with political cinema. And this film doesn’t change that notion. The magnificent Modi deserves better. Then again, we all do.
3 DNA 3 With saffron being the current mood of the nation, this film may work. After all, for zillions, this is the closest they will ever get to the man who is currently writing world history. Namo, Namo!
4 Hindustan Times 1 This is a monumental ode to hubris. The film, PM Narendra Modi, is an embarrassment, and even if every scene were true, the smugness is cringeworthy. The Constitution of India does not begin with the words ‘I, the person of India…’.
5 India Today 1 Even the most controversial parts of PM Narendra Modi’s life – the Godhra riots – are planted on the Opposition as a way to keep Modi from serving his people. Maybe the makers of PM Narendra Modi the film should have taken their own recipe of the perfect tea a little seriously: add just a bit of sugar. Because when you have too much sugar, the tea is inedible.
6 Indian Express 2 The film offers up no debatable points, no what-ifs, no grey areas. There’s no mention of ‘hindutva’, only ‘Hinduism’ which is also, as he helpfully points out, a ‘soch’. As a bio-pic, it inhabits muddled, post-truth territory. As a hagiography though, genuflecting at the altar of the man, it’s perfect. It’s uncritical, unquestioning, high on rhetoric. And there’s nothing accidental about it.
7 Jagran 3 कुल मिलाकर अगर आप पीएम मोदी की जिंदगी और जीवन में आए उतार-चढ़ाव के बारे में जानना चाहते हैं तो यह फिल्म आप देखने जा सकते हैं।
8 Khaleej Times 3 With the real life Modi winning the Lok Sabha elections with a landslide victory, the movie will no doubt do well with his supporters flocking to theatres to watch their hero in all his glory. In the end, PM Narendra Modi is a fanboy’s (Omung Kumar and Vivek Oberoi’s) tribute to his idol – one which will only add to the nationalistic spirit, that is resurging in India currently.
9 Masala 1.5 That won’t matter, however. Kumar’s movie releases at a perfect time — Narendra Modi’s ruling party BJP has once again witnessed a landslide victory at the elections today, which brings in a rather brilliant PR opportunity for the film — the underdogs-to-victors kind. The people who still absolutely adore him will pay to watch, and absolutely love, this film; it’s how blind fandom works. It’s just that the movie is terrible, made without any respect for the craft of filmmaking, or knowledge of the art of subtlety. Then again, we’re in a timeline where subtlety and empathy are thrown out of the window for loud, sensationalist rhetoric like “Make America Great Again,” so expecting anything qualitatively solid out of a movie as loud and juvenilely told as PM Narendra Modi would be pointless.
10 Mid Day 1.5 It’s a costume drama which could pass as a school play. But on a day like today when the man has been voted back to power with such majority, there isn’t much much to contest on – ‘Modi ek insaan nahi, soch hai’. The film is strictly for laughs but the joke is on us, guys.
11 NewsD 2.5 Overall, the film leaves a lot of questions unanswered and that is the reason the film is too lopsided to be appreciated by one irrespective of that fact that we believe in Modi’s political philosophy or not. For the PM Modi fans, the movie is watchable and others can go and enjoy it to know more about the new Prime Minister of India. We really wish the script would have been thought on more.
12 Time of India 2.5 Whether you believe or don’t believe in the political philosophy of Narendra Modi is secondary, as a film, this one is too lopsided for you to appreciate. It leaves a lot unanswered. While it firmly believes ‘Modi ek insaan nahi, soch hai’, we wish the script was as thoughtful.
13 Zoom TV 2 Vivek Oberoi does a decent job but fails to impress in a lot of scenes. The first half suffers from lazy writing and direction. The good thing is it does make you want to catch up on your history once again. One of my biggest problems with biopics is how larger than life the character is portrayed. PM Narendra Modi does exactly that. Not that I want the filmmakers to completely show the bad side of a person but it’s our flaws that make us a human being, you know.”
Average Review 2.0


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