Pathan Movie Cast, Release Date, Budget, Plans and More

Pathan has really set the temperature high right from the moment the audience came to know about the movie


Pathan Movie Cast, Release Date, Budget, Plans and More: The temperatures are soaring high and Shahrukh Khan Fans are already having sleepless nights. The excitement of the audience is evident from the soaring searches on Google and other search engines which clearly reflects the excitement of the audience about the movie.

Pathan: Buzz (Audience Excitement)

Since its a new dimension for the audience We have to put some benchmarks before you can understand this point in detail. In this article We will compare pre announcement buzz of Pathan with Pre release buzz of War.

War released on 2nd October, 2019 and it created havoc at the box office right from day 1. It started breaking records from the very first weekend itself.

The pre release buzz for War Looked like this:

War: Audience Interest Meter


Parameter11th September 201927th September 2019
Reach (In Mn)62.371.4
Unique Reach (In Mn)19.6423.43
User Participation (In Mn)0.641.54


War: Audience Sentiment
Parameter11th September 201927th September 2019
Positive 91%93.1%


These numbers are the biggest ever reported in Bollywood. (Please note that no other publication tracks these numbers and We started using this tracking in late 2019).

Now if we compare the buzz of Pathan even before the first look is release the figures as of today are as below:

  • Reach: 94.6 Mn
  • Unique Reach: 28.6 Mn
  • User Participation: 3.48 Mn
  • Positive Sentiments: 94.2%
  • Negative Sentiments: 5.8%

The figures simply huge and they overtake a giant like War even before the release of the poster which clearly indicates that the film is eagerly awaited. Some factors which are leading to these unusual numbers:

  1. After a very long time Shahrukh Khan is coming in a larger than Life film and it also makes a statement that his experiment phase is over.
  2. Pathan itself is part of a larger universe which consists of Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan from Tiger and War.
  3. Audience is hungry for larger than life entertainment.

Pathan Movie Cast:

  • Shahrukh Khan in and As Pathan
  • Salman Khan as Tiger  (Cameo)
  • Hrithik Roshan as Kabir from War (Cameo)
  • John Abraham
  • Deepika Padukone
  • Dimple Kapadia

Pathan Movie Crew:

  • Director – Siddhartha Anand
  • Writer – Siddhartha Anand and Danish Aslam
  • Music – Vishal – Shekhar
  • Cinematographer – Benjamin Jasper
  • Editor – Aarif Sheikh
  • Casting Director – Ravi Ahuja
  • Production Designer – Rajat Poddar
  • Art Director – Aditya Ghatmale and Lee Gordon
  • Costume Designer – Manish Malhotra, Ameira Punvani and Sheetal Sharma
  • Special Effects Make up Artist – Simone Beyleveld
  • Make up artist – Ruhee Bindra, Sakhi Bouchra and Ritiks Vats
  • Assistant Make up artist – Karima Boukhima
  • Hair Stylist – Gaetan Landry
  • Action Director – Domonkos Pardanyi

Pathan Movie Plot:

No Spoilers Guaranteed.

The film is set up in middle east where most dangerous and notorious criminals reside. A mysterious man among them who is called “Pathan” is a name to reckon with, he is ably supported by a master thief and conman and has a able support from some others in the team. Their target a dreaded drug lord who has made hell out of the life on earth.

Pathan First Look and Release Date:

The producers of the film are targeting for a new year gift for the cine audience and fans of the man called Shahrukh Khan and they are planning to release the first look of the film on 1st January, 2020.

Even as you read this late in night, there is an art department working overnight to get things right and meet the deadline post all internal approvals. But the look which can wow the cast, crew and the producers is still not anywhere in the sight. The target date is locked and an official confirmation will only be made after the look is approved internally.

Pathan Movie Budget and Plans:

The only official or unofficial confirmation that we get on this is that “It is going to be the biggest film ever”. It terms of budget, star cast, treatment, thrills, action and thus hoping the same for Box Office Numbers.

The producers are also planning the widest release ever in India and Worldwide for a Bollywood film. Infact, the overseas plans are just mammoth.

The tentative release date for the film will be December, 2021 or Diwali 2021. It all depends on the time that shooting and post production time that the movie will take. Pathan is a product which can claim the date it wants and the others will simply have to make way for it.

That’s all for now and will soon update you with more exclusive stuff. Till then everyone of you please take care of yourself and your families, the pandemic will soon be over and we will smell the hot popcorn in theatres very soon in large numbers just we did last year.

Pathan Movie Shoot:

The shoot inside Yash Raj Studios which was for looks and getting the first looks in place is over. The Second schedule will be in Dubai and the next schedule will be in Malaysia, Finland and then Pathan and team will finally land in Delhi NCR for some important scenes.

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