Panga Movie Review: Thrilling Story Of A Mother Who Follow Her Dreams

Panga hits the screen today. This article highlights the important details you need to know before booking your tickets.


A Touching Story

You will Love the Emotional Experiences throughout.

  • Direction 8
  • Perfomances 9
  • Music 6
  • Screenplay 7
  • Dialogues 8

Panga Movie Review: There are many movies made in the past on the life of a sportsperson. But there are only a few films tells the story of a female sportsperson who after giving birth makes a comeback to the sports. Panga’s storyline focuses on this aspect and showcases the entire journey of a mother.

How she makes a comeback to the national team and performs the responsibility of a mother & wife. Does this movie live up to the expectations? This article will answer all your questions.

Panga Movie Review: Story

Written by Nikhil Mehrotra and Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari it is the story of a mother who aspires to follow her dreams. Kangana Ranaut plays Jaya Nigam a Kabaddi player. Who reaches on her top-level and becomes the captain of the Indian Kabaddi Team. Meanwhile, she is married to Jassie Gill who plays the role of Prashant (Jaya’s Husband) in the movie.

After a few months of marriage, she gets pregnant before a major tournament. She has to give up the sports for a while & promised her coach & teammates that she will be back soon. But destiny has other plans for her. She gave birth to a boy who was premature and was having a weak immune system.

The doctor advised her to take special care of the baby. Jaya gives up on her dream and plans to quit the sport. She started working for railways while raising her son Adi (Played By Yagya Bhasin). After 7 years Jaya meets her old teammate Meenu (Played By Richa Chadda) who was still playing Kabbadi. Soon after the meeting, Jaya remembered her old playing days.

Adi asks her mother to make a comeback, but Jaya feels that her time has gone. Prashant at the start didn’t support her but soon after a month, she started supporting her. Jaya after 3 months of practicing started to feel the same old spirit for the game. She decides to make a comeback & what happens next set up the whole storyline.

Panga Movie Review: Screenplay

Screenplay by Nikhil Mehrotra & Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari is simple & relatable. The film is packed with entertaining moments that keep the pace of the movie. Panga has some Dangal feels in it with Nitesh Tiwary writing its dialogues. A one-liner in between the scenes keeps the movie on a high note.

Panga Movie Review: Direction

Panga is helmed by Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari & she has done justice with this one. Her direction is quite good as she handled important sequences with ease. The final sequence which is the heart of the film is brilliantly shot & deserves a standing ovation. Even if you are aware of what comes next you won’t feel bored as each scene is perfectly narrated. At some points, you will feel the story has been stretched & could have been shortened.

Panga Movie Review: Music

Panga has some soulful track composed by Shankar-Ehsan-Loy. But it, not that good to make it to the top of chartbusters and remembered for long. The background score could have been better in most of the scenes to create more impact. Ankit Balhara has missed out on them.

Panga Movie Review: Cinematography

Jai I Patel’s cinematography has been very good in sports-related scenes but could have been better in rest of the scenes. Credit should also be given to the Kabaddi support staff for making the sports scenes realistic. Editing could have been better by Ballu Saluja.

Panga Movie Review: Performances

Kangana is an important factor in the film and she has delivered an outstanding performance. In both the roles of a mother, there is not a moment she is out of character and as a Kabbadi player she has totally fit in aswell.

Jassie Gill has also performed well in his character at some points he is out of character but will be loved. Yagya Bhasin is a surprise package and has played an important part in the movie and uplifts the film.

Richa Chadda has a small and important role to play in the movie and she has played her part pretty well with a combination of both comedy & moral support. Megha Burman enters in the second half but made her presence felt.

Rajesh Tailang in the role of Indian Coach has also fitted in his role & done justice. Neena Gupta as Kangana’s mother is quite supportive. And all the rest of the supporting characters have played their part well.

Panga Movie Review: Final Verdict

Overall Panga is a very touching film because of its storyline and well-narrated sequences. It is packed with a powerful performance by Kangana Ranaut who lifts the movie on her own. The film has a tough competitor at the box office in the form of Street Dancer 3D & Tanhaji. It will be interesting to see how Panga performs at the box office.

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